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iReport from Yekaterinburg, Russia June 3-5 and 10-12, 2011

Try saying “Yekaterinburg” 3 times quickly! The only thing harder might be to top the job Mats and Natalia did at these two events!!!

“A great place and great speakers! Heat in the outside and hot inside. The special guest speaker Diamond IBO from Sweden Mats Holmberg didn’t simply rock the public, he charged them with the energy that will last for many months forward. In addition to energetic and motivational speeches of Mats, speeches of the second guest Natalia Seliverstova were full of wisdom, life experience and personal examples from long-term business building.

Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised with

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iReport from WES in Novosibirsk, Russia – June 3-5, 2011

I am imagining deer and rabbits hopping through the crowd … love the creativity those Russian Network TwentyOne events ladies display!

“Grassy meadows, sunny rays, puffy clouds. Would you suppose that these marvels could only be found in the lap of nature? No way! Network 21 arranges a warm Siberian welcome on the threshold of upcoming summer. Can you imagine a giant dandelion overshadowing you with the help of astonishing high-tech stage lighting? That’s right! This is the stage in Novosibirsk that I am describing. An unsurpassed impression of warmth, joy and high hopes filled every single visitor. Tony

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WES Hellas March 18-20 2011

I love the way the Greeks put their feelings into English … like no other language. Very cool…

“An extremely warm event took place in Athens full of great moments & a sport hall that has being floated from our guest speakers Martin’s & Tracy’s Hutchins spirit!!! Such a strong and amazing spirit of courage, strength and belief with a specific target attendants hearts.The goal was reached!!! Our guest speakers with elegance & true style shined on the stage and in our Abo’s hearts! They were amazing sharing their experience, their story, their challenges, met in their way, the love

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Weekend Seminar, Kiev, Ukraine – April 1-3, 2011

From the capitol of Ukraine, once again the Network TwentyOne produced another “world class” event. Great work guys!!!

“Spring hasn’t yet come into its full swing… Regardless of the sunny days, the weather is still rather cold… which did not affect the warm and friendly atmosphere created by wonderful audience and our guest speakers during the first Spring WES: Galina Istomina (Russia) and Louis & Kathy Carrillo (USA).

Galina amazed everybody by the story of her professional life and success she had achieved in traditional business. She is now devoting all her time to her successful Amway business.

Louis &

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WES in Kazan, Russia – April 1-3, 2011

Another round of major functions across Russia draws to a close. Described as only a Russian participant could…

With guest speakers – Aleksey Mautanov, Founder Crown Ambassador from the Ukraine; and  Natalia Seliverstova, Founder Diamond from Russia, what more could you ask for?

“Another Russian WES is over – the last but not least in the surge. Kazan WES could be announced one of the saddest yet one of the most inspiring events. Sad are the people as the surge of Russian Seminars over. Though they are all overflowing with inspiration, gigantic amount of energy and a huge desire to

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iReport from South Africa March 4-6 2011

Leonard March 2011.JPG

It’s been some time since we have heard from our friends down in South Africa. No doubt working hard to support what has turned out to be an amazing business in a beautiful country. Great speaking and a fantastic cause … another winning combination.

“Network TwentyOne South Africa had an awesome line-up of International speakers gathered in Johannesburg on March 4-6 including David Dornan, Peter Cox, Basil Harris and Glenda Leonard. David Dornan… a incredible mix of both Jim and Nancy, blew us away with his totally relateable delivery, his wit and his simple message of “figure out what you

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iReport from Veszprém, Hungary, 4-6 March, 2011

A great iReport from the Network TwentyOne Hungarian team. Veszprém is located in Western Hungary near lake Balaton … but you knew that huh?!

“Still winter outside but inside Veszprém Aréna spring has already arrived with a very warm athmosphere!

The amazing guest speaker, Mats Holmberg Diamond from Sweden….words can not express easily how energetic, inspirational, motivational he is….you should have been there!! The speakers of the Hungarian leadership also brought a lot of enthusiasm and momentum to the event and one by one to all participants.

The new challenge the VIP ribbon was very successful with about 200 people

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iReport from Omsk, Russia March 13, 2011


Last but not least of the Russian iReport updates from one of my favorite cities in Russia … Omsk…. you can almost make it sound like two syllables if you hit the “K” really hard at the end!

“The seminar in Omsk burst out on stage with the speech of a leader who is highly sought after in the world of Network TwentyOne around the globe. Founders Crown Ambassador, Vera Arkhipova spoke to the audience about Network TwentyOne latest news and updates. She was also the one to welcome everybody to this significant event. The seminar was rich with  awesome

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iReport from Ekaterinburg, Russia February, 25-27th and March, 4-6th


Another great iReport from the Network TwentyOne Russian team … is it me or do “balloons’ seem to be a common stage design element this year? Regardless, looks great!

“Fantastic and unforgettable! These are, perhaps, basic words which could characterize Network TwentyOne’s seminars in Ekaterinburg, February, 25-27th and March, 4-6th! Spring mood was in everything – in colorful stage design and in the leaders’ speeches. They had just come back from an Amway Executive Diamond Club journey around the world and shared their impressions and energy with the audience. Not only were the seminars inspiring, they were filled with information.

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iReport from Istanbul, An ABOs Perspective


Great work from Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABO Mustafa K. M. from Turkey… giving an ABO perspective on the event … right on Mustafa!

“Diamond Mike Wilson was the guest speaker from the USA at the WES March 2011, Turkey-Istanbul. The seminar was not easy for the Network TwentyOne cameramen since they had to follow him around the room as he could not stay on the stage! He walked from front to the back of the room and connected with hundreds of IBO’s by talking and looking into their eyes. What an amazing communicator!

After the end of the WES,

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