Change: Unlocking Your Potential

I hope you’re excited to attend your local WES! I am pumped about the brand for our winter seminars globally. How cool that no matter what country we’re in, we’re learning from awesome leaders and united by a common theme. Here’s a sneak peek of what you may see at your next seminar 🙂

Need a Little Inspiration?

Feeling like it is tough to get some momentum? Maybe you feel like you are not properly equipped, too old or maybe you think your market has been open too long and that there are just no more opportunities? Dr. n21guy knows just what to prescribe for your “perspective-itis”. Check out new Gold Producers Art and Ginnie Lang (90 and 92) who are building their Amway business in North America (a 50+ year old market).

Ailment: Perspective-itis

Treatment: The below video

Dosage: Watch and share this video as needed to combat the effects of a bad attitude and/or a negative

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Exclusive – Kurt Warner Branching Out?

Ok guys, I stumbled on this amazing video today that pretty clearly shows my close friend Kurt Warner is planning on taking his career in a new direction. Pretty amazing stuff and glad we could bring it to you here exclusively on

For you all of you outside of the USA, click here for some additional information about Kurt Warner, the man, the myth, the legend.

n21guy Catches up with Dr. Frank Luntz Backstage in Washington, DC

dr. frank luntz

Well what can I say … I have connections. Check out my backstage interview with Dr. Frank Luntz at the Network TwentyOne’s North American Leadership Conference in Washington, DC earlier this month.

Listen and learn as messaging expert Dr. Frank Luntz explains what is so great about the Amway Business Opportunity and what IBOs should keep in mind when sharing this opportunity with others.

That reminds me… I still need to give Frank his phone back 🙂


About Frank Luntz

Dr. Luntz has written, supervised, and conducted more than 1,200 surveys, focus groups and dial sessions in more

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New Video from Amway North America

Hey guys … I just got my hands on a new video that Amway has done here in North America … kind of a take off on a very successful video made by Amway Australia last year (but without the funny accents 😉 ). Below is the embedded version from YouTube and here is a link to a download-able version ripped specifically for iPhones (but will play well on most other smartphones).

Take a look and let me know what you think about it.

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Highlights Video from NALC Seminar in Altanta, GA

This is a sweet supplement to the quality iReport below … I snagged this video from the Network TwentyOne North America Events Team when they we not looking and thought you guys would appreciate another look at a quality event!

. .

n21guy Stars in Another Product Promo Video

Those guys (and gals) at Network TwentyOne North America are so clever… check out this product promotion video from the Network TwentyOne North American Seminar in Anaheim, California staring your favorite and lovable “virtual do-er of good”. I think they shot me from my best side …

Look for many of these products coming to your markets in the coming months!

A Special Message from John Tesh

Too cool … just pulled this from those crafty Network TwentyOne North America guys.

Here is the back story … John Tesh was scheduled to apear and perform at our North American Leadership Conference in Washington, DC last month… at the last minute he injured his back and had to cancel. In addition to offering to make up the gig John cut this video… dig the rap! Also notice how John closes his video … you think maybe John and I have been hangin’ or what?

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What’s Up with Network TwentyOne & n21guy

Ok, finally after months of speculation … I am “coming out” for all to see. No more guessing, its time I stand up and be counted as the unofficial ambassador of all things “tech & cool” in Network TwentyOne.

Check out the video below to see some of the new “tech stuff” and to see my cameo appearance to the global Network TwentyOne family.

Cool Vid from The IBOAI

Some might argue that the words “cool” and “IBOAI” should not be used in the same sentence but I beg to differ. You know … as a virtual do-er of good and one who is dedicated to spreading some “N21 Sunshine” … I really dig this vid from the IBOAI (we’ll talk about the video quality later). Love the message of looking out for the IBOs around the world and how they partner with the Corporation to accomplish that goal.

The IBOA’s site was not the best source for a video stream so I got out my web gardening tools

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