iReport from Istanbul, An ABOs Perspective

Great work from Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABO Mustafa K. M. from Turkey… giving an ABO perspective on the event … right on Mustafa!

“Diamond Mike Wilson was the guest speaker from the USA at the WES March 2011, Turkey-Istanbul. The seminar was not easy for the Network TwentyOne cameramen since they had to follow him around the room as he could not stay on the stage! He walked from front to the back of the room and connected with hundreds of IBO’s by talking and looking into their eyes. What an amazing communicator!

After the end of the WES,

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iReport from Istanbul, Turkey spotlights Over 20 VIP Challange Winners

Great country, great city, great speaker, great event. Wish I was there to hear Mike, hang with the amazing Turkish Network TwentyOne leadership … and of course grab some excellent Çökertme kebabs.

“We had a wonderful seminar in Istanbul on March 18-20.We might easily say that it was the most crowded event for the recent years, and the attendees were all inspired and fired up. Mike Wilson, the guest speaker, told all his stories and shared his experiences among the audience looking into their eyes. We had 20+ VIPs on the stage for recognition on Saturday evening, and they were

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Looking Back On 2009

Inevitability as we head into a new year we are drawn to reflect on the year just passed. Often this reflection takes the form of soul searching for areas of failure or short comings which gives birth to a series of resolutions for the new year. But seeing as I’m an upbeat guy committed to spreading “N21 Sunshine” … I’ll just touch on some of the major highlights of the year… feel free to share yours as well!


2009 was a landmark year if for nothing else … it was the year I was “born”. It has

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New Page on Spotlighting the Dornans

So, I got to thinking … lot’s of people come here of course to learn more about me and my exciting life as the “virtual ambassador” of Network TwentyOne, frankly, who can blame them. But there are a number of people who would like to keep up to date with the fearless leaders of Network TwentyOne, Jim & Nancy Dornan as well.

To that end I have set up a new page on called The Dornans Spotlighted. And what better way to kick off a focus on the Dornan’s achievements than to bring you the the latest article written

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This Week’s C-21 Weekly Presentation

As part of our C-21 Weekly program for all Channel-21 subscribers, we present It’s Not a Talent Thing by USA Diamond Mike Wilson. Listen as Mike relates how he hated almost everything about this business except the results – the time and financial options it provided for him and his family – and says all the work, whether he liked it or not was certainly worth it.opportunity!

Click here to check out Channel-21 (available only to IBOs/ABOs affiliated with Network TwentyOne)

Click here to view a bio of USA Diamonds Mile & Carla Wilson

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This Weeks N21-Cast with Dane Morton

Join n21guy as he interviews North American Diamond, Dane Morton.

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n21guy salutes North America Emerald Ray Barrera

Ok, this is pretty cool to have one of our legendary Emeralds spot-lighted in a 2 page write up in the July, 2009 Amway Achieve magazine here in North America.

I’m just glad he’s on our side … I mean, the man “bounced”!

Way to go Ray and Rexanne!