iReport: Northern European Free Enterprise June 3-5, 2016

The Northern European Free Enterprise included ABOs from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Can you imagine what it felt like to be in that arena surrounded by other leaders and dreamers, learning from and being motivated by incredible speakers? Do not miss the next event!

“We can still feel the energy from the exceptional event we had in Riga last weekend. It was truly unforgettable!

For the first time in the Baltic’s, we had the chance to welcome the amazing NANCY DORNAN, who shared with us her unique passion and great wisdom. What an honor to

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iReport: Kiev WES March 25 -27, 2016

WOW. I’m speechless…well, I can always think of something to say 😉 Thank you to all the leaders at this meeting for many things: the new achievements, embracing the “Blue Jeans” generation, and being generous with your wisdom. I can’t imagine how you are going to top this event but I can’t wait to see it this summer. 🙂

“The event we had last weekend was truly unforgettable! So much motivation, inspiration and dynamics in three days! We were lucky to have some of the most brilliant Guest Speakers: Founders Executive Diamond from South Africa Kevin Harris and Network of

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Press Release: 10,000 Wheelchairs and Counting

I’ve got a very exciting update from Network of Caring 🙂 Check out the press release on the N21 website here.



iReport: UK Autumn Weekend Seminar

I think the UK is getting a little spoiled…Ray and Karla Keller, Danny Anderson, Trevor & Jackie Lower, a video from Nancy… and then Mike Wilson in the spring?! 🙂 So glad you did, and will, get to learn from such great speakers!

“On the 8th and 9th of November the UK ABO’s descended on the picturesque Ramada hotel in Birmingham for the Autumn WES, and what a weekend it was! We were once again very pleased to welcome guests from all over Europe, including Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The excitement in the room was there for all

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iReport – North America Winter Conferences – January 2014

Great events in the USA. I got to catch a few of the talks from both of the events and I’m proud to report that my comprehension of South African English has improved greatly. 😉 Amazing teaching and a rich atmosphere of success and belief was on tap for both of these exciting seminars.

“One Winter Conference, two Incredible Weekends!

We kicked off our Winter Conference on the West Coast in sunny Southern California. Special guest, Founders Executive Diamond Kevin Harris joined us all the way from South Africa to be our guest speaker. He shared some insightful teaching,

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iReport – October 4-6 Debrecen, Hungary – Central European Regional Conference

OK, so what do you get when you bring together Hungarians, Romanians, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenians and Croatians with a sprinkle of staging, a slice of audio/visual, a dab of international speakers and a whole lot of Network TwentyOne??? CERC of course!

“What an outstanding event we had in Debrecen, Hungary with thousands of attendees people from 6 countries of Europe! ABOS from Hungary, Romania, Czech, Slovak, Slovenia and Croatia waited with enthusiasm for the highlight of the business year – The Central European Regional Conference, and it didn’t disappoint them.

31 Diamonds, 13 Executive Diamonds and above, 67 Emeralds

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iReport – Baltic Regional WES in Riga, Latvia

Is it just me or does the term “Super Amway Bonus Achiever” sound like something you would like to get a hold of as well? Great things are happening in the Baltics. Just goes to show you what happens when hard working people embrace a 1st class opportunity and tap into world class support.

“What a wonderful sight to be a part of Amway’s highest Achievements !

Ineta and Maris Svipsti- First Network TwentyOne affiliated Emeralds in Latvia, Toivo and Anne Rande-First Network TwentyOne affiliated Baltic Founders Diamonds from Estonia, And last, but not the least Super Amway Bonus Achiever,

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Need a Little Inspiration?

Feeling like it is tough to get some momentum? Maybe you feel like you are not properly equipped, too old or maybe you think your market has been open too long and that there are just no more opportunities? Dr. n21guy knows just what to prescribe for your “perspective-itis”. Check out new Gold Producers Art and Ginnie Lang (90 and 92) who are building their Amway business in North America (a 50+ year old market).

Ailment: Perspective-itis

Treatment: The below video

Dosage: Watch and share this video as needed to combat the effects of a bad attitude and/or a negative

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n21guy Catches up with Dr. Frank Luntz Backstage in Washington, DC

dr. frank luntz

Well what can I say … I have connections. Check out my backstage interview with Dr. Frank Luntz at the Network TwentyOne’s North American Leadership Conference in Washington, DC earlier this month.

Listen and learn as messaging expert Dr. Frank Luntz explains what is so great about the Amway Business Opportunity and what IBOs should keep in mind when sharing this opportunity with others.

That reminds me… I still need to give Frank his phone back 🙂


About Frank Luntz

Dr. Luntz has written, supervised, and conducted more than 1,200 surveys, focus groups and dial sessions in more

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Weekend Seminar, Kiev, Ukraine – April 1-3, 2011

From the capitol of Ukraine, once again the Network TwentyOne produced another “world class” event. Great work guys!!!

“Spring hasn’t yet come into its full swing… Regardless of the sunny days, the weather is still rather cold… which did not affect the warm and friendly atmosphere created by wonderful audience and our guest speakers during the first Spring WES: Galina Istomina (Russia) and Louis & Kathy Carrillo (USA).

Galina amazed everybody by the story of her professional life and success she had achieved in traditional business. She is now devoting all her time to her successful Amway business.

Louis &

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