iReport: Scandinavian WES January and February 2017

Two awesome weekends, two incredible speakers. Too good to be true 🙂

“What a start of 2017 we have had here in Scandinavia! First our amazing WES in Turku Finland 20-22 of January with the incredible Katalin Lovas. Then we had the privilege to have Amgad and Melissa Ghabrial at our WES in Västerås Sweden 10-12 of February. The atmosphere at both events was amazing. The speakers were just what we needed.

I have never seen the ABOs so fired up after a WES then they were this time. The theme Launch was at the right place at the right

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iReport: Scandinavian WES in Sweden!

I enjoy receiving reports filled with such enthusiasm and pride. So happy for you Scandinavia, I can’t wait until the next one either!

“Last weekend, May 8th – 10th, we had the privilege of listening to Diamond from Philippines – Ali Ghannadan, as he took us on a rollercoaster ride of laughs, reflections and emotions. A truly outstanding speaker! The weekends program was absolutely packed with wonderful speakers and special events such as the pilot episode of the Christina show! We also got to witness the transformation of our Body Key Ambassadors and of course all the exclusive recognitions! We

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iReport: UK WES June 2014

I love how there were so many countries represented at this WES. Network 21 is such a rockin’ global community. Also, did you see all those speakers?! Wonder why they didn’t ask me… 😉

“On two of the hottest days so far this year, the UK ABO’s created their own heat as they gathered at the impressive Hinckley Island hotel in the middle of the country for a fantastic WES. The numbers were bolstered by visitors from Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia who were made very welcome. One of the strangest sights was seeing a seminar in the

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iReport from Yekaterinburg, Russia June 3-5 and 10-12, 2011

Try saying “Yekaterinburg” 3 times quickly! The only thing harder might be to top the job Mats and Natalia did at these two events!!!

“A great place and great speakers! Heat in the outside and hot inside. The special guest speaker Diamond IBO from Sweden Mats Holmberg didn’t simply rock the public, he charged them with the energy that will last for many months forward. In addition to energetic and motivational speeches of Mats, speeches of the second guest Natalia Seliverstova were full of wisdom, life experience and personal examples from long-term business building.

Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised with

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iReport from Veszprém, Hungary, 4-6 March, 2011

A great iReport from the Network TwentyOne Hungarian team. Veszprém is located in Western Hungary near lake Balaton … but you knew that huh?!

“Still winter outside but inside Veszprém Aréna spring has already arrived with a very warm athmosphere!

The amazing guest speaker, Mats Holmberg Diamond from Sweden….words can not express easily how energetic, inspirational, motivational he is….you should have been there!! The speakers of the Hungarian leadership also brought a lot of enthusiasm and momentum to the event and one by one to all participants.

The new challenge the VIP ribbon was very successful with about 200 people

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iReports from Stockholm, Sweden Seminar

Wow! 2 iReports from the same seminar in Stockholm Sweden on February 12-14 … nice. These two iReports were submitted by Thomas Jacobsen and Sven Luthman. Never said enough but a special thanks to those of you who assist with translation at Network TwentyOne functions around the world … including you Thomas!

We just finished a fantastik WES with magical speakers. We had the pleasure of Martin and Tracy Hutchins, Pauline and Paulo Scilipoti, Jackie Lowe and Simon Thompson. It was a perfect blend of teaching and talks from the hart. Paulo Scilipoti blew us all away with his leaders

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Scandinavian Regional Conference November 2009

Another iReport from Network TwentyOne Scandinavia’s Country Manager Alex Mammos.

“Just finished an amazing Saturday night at the Scandinavian Weekend Seminar. Incredible speakers like Hans & Eva Nusshold from

Austria, Simon Thompson and many local Diamonds. Recognized two Emeralds & our first Finnish Diamond. Excitement all around!”