iReport: Autumn Russian Weekend Seminars

WOW. That’s almost all I can say. But I’ll manage to say a little more 🙂 Congrats to the new emeralds, founders emeralds, and executive diamonds- you have ABO’s all over the world proud of you and celebrating with you. I can’t wait to see what the spring holds for Russia!

“What can we say about autumn Weekend Seminars in Russia? They were outstanding and remarkable! Mats Holmberg from Sweden and Tony Henderson from New Zealand galvanized the audience with their energy and emotions, Elkhan and Milana Ezhdarovy broke the ice venue with their activeness and traditional lezginka dance,

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iReport: Weekend Seminar, Poland 16-18 October 2015

Super pleased to hear it was a great event, Poland! Next time you have a fun group like King’s Elvis Friends can you please invite me?! 🙂

“What an event! We’ve met in a new place in central Poland: Łodz Expo. We have a chance to hear from Executive Diamonds from Russia Tatiana & Ognjen Jankovic – representing great experience, valuable teaching and incredible Emerald from Turkey Umit Corapci – deep understanding of the N21 system, energy, enthusiasm and amazing sense of humor.

Many recognition on the way to Founder Platinum and the cream of the cream: New Founder Emerald

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iReport: Russian Summer WES

Wow. That’s all I can say. Those speakers, those numbers, incredible! Can’t wait for the next round Russia!

“What a wonderful summer WES surge we had in Russia! Five different seminars – five truthful and magnificent stories.

Can you imagine these numbers: 80 Diamonds and above, 180 Emeralds and above, over 1500 Platinum and above! And it’s only about the Moscow WES!

Great thanks to all speakers who graced the stage and IBOs who came from all parts of Russian Federation. Irenke Nemeth, Massimo Bini, Zita Orozs and Zoltan Turi, Elena Nemtsova, Andrea Wolf and Imre Sherdult educated

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iReport: Baltic WES in Riga, Latvia- DECIDE

Wow, how do you fit so many leaders in one place?! How great it must have been to learn from these couples. I’m sure the October seminar will show the results of the DECISIONS made!

“I think those who made decision to come to our WES in Riga last weekend will never regret it! What a great seminar we had!

Fantastic guest speakers FOUNDERS CROWN from Ukraine IGOR & VALERIA KHARATIN. Their speeches were educational, motivational, emotional and fun.

We are very grateful that they made a DECISION to visit our Baltic market.

Beside Igor and Valeria Kharatin our seminar

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iReport: Russian Spring WES

Celebrating 10 years in Russia…time flies! Can’t wait to see what the next 10 hold 🙂 Thanks for the great update on the spring season!

“Russian Weekend-seminars in spring 2015 have grown to a collection of dazzling events that can ensure all visitors conclude: we’ve been to a must-see. Blend of outstanding speakers of considerable skill, spellbinding performances, poignantly personal tales tinkling with a touch of irony and razor-sharp wit. Superb speeches encompassed remarkable experience, virtuosic vision, great charm and beautifully delivered message that there is always room for change and for the potential to grow. Another detail that provided

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iReport: Weekend seminars in Russia – Autumn 2014

Russia knows how to have weekend seminars! The description of these meetings makes me feel like I am there taking in all the incredible teaching and celebrating the new diamonds and founders diamond. Can’t wait until the next one!

“They say autumn is the most colorful time of the year. Indeed it is. Those who joined a round of Network TwentyOne autumn events in Russia saw the diverse mix of sparkling colors – stylish venue decoration, elegant stage design, irresistible VIP-zone adornment, exceptional VIP-room attire. There is a lot more that lies beyond this shimmer. Dynamic and charismatic guests, truly

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iReport: Weekend Seminars in Russia – Summer 2014

Diamond recognition is the best! Congrats to Vladimir & Lyudmila, and everyone for being a part of a powerful WES. Thanks for the great report back Russia!

“It’s always a long feel-good moment when you get to settle back and enjoy a three-day event referred to as WES. There was a lot to enjoy during summer events which offered a combination of erudite sayings, classy phrasing, exceptional original stories, stand-out performances. Speeches ranged from romantic and charming panel discussion at a tea-party with Diamonds and above gathered at a round table showcasing their considerable experience, to powerful impressive talks displaying

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iReport: Weekend Seminars in Russia – Spring 2014

Russia knows how to have a weekend seminar, check out all those incredible speakers! Wonder why I wasn’t asked to speak… 🙂 Congrats to new Founders Diamonds, what an awesome accomplishment. Can’t wait to recognize more!

“Another unmissable sequence of Network TwentyOne events in Russia starting in February, ending in the end of March! An unbeatable combination of guest speakers – Justin and Lauren Stern for St. Petersburg, Simon Thompson, Sergey and Svetlana Apraksin and Galina Vashchenko for Yekaterinburg, Peter Merz with Alexander and Svetlana Samokhin for Omsk, Janos Demeter for Moscow, Irenke Nemeth and Per Mansson for Rostov-on-Don, Les

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iReport – Weekend seminars in Russia – Fall 2013

New Diamonds, Double Diamonds, Executive Diamonds … Ok now you guys are just showing off . 😉 Seriously, around the world we celebrate your success and congratulate the amazing achievements of the Russian market. Поздравляем!

There are certain things in life that you will never be able to wrap in a sparkling paper. Delight, inspiration, joy, smiles. Not to be wrapped, but to be gained at an event of Network TwentyOne. The weekend-seminars of the fall were brimming with emotions that resonated long after the functions ended. There was a celebration of success of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Business Owners

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iReport – Russian Seminars, Spring 2013

I always look forward to the “adjective assault” delivered in each Russian iReport. “Ravishing details” … I just love those guys! Add to that, social media Q&As, discos and Blue Jeans meetings leads me to think I need to making my way over to Russia sometime this year.

“These 7 Russian spring Seminars spread throughout the country must have been the most outstanding in history. Vividly atmospheric, ultimately uplifting, powerfully motivating – this is what makes it worth the long winter wait. New meeting formats and speeches captivated everybody. A wholly unique meeting for younger generations – Blue Jeans

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