iReport: Go Emerald in Kiev, September 16-18, 2016

Hot off the press! Events like these remind me why Network TwentyOne is so incredible: leaders from different countries, speaking different languages, coming together with a common goal and dream. AMAZING. 🙂

“In the family of Network TwentyOne nothing can surpass and be more powerful than having Nancy Dornan, Founder Crown Ambassador and Founder of Network TwentyOne system & Hans Nusshold, Crown Ambassador, as guest speakers.

In Kiev, Ukraine, Go Emerald seminar has proven our best function yet. The seminar held past weekend was a celebration of success and unparalleled wisdom from the ultimate top Leaders on the European market!

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iReport: Russia Summer WES 2016

What an event! I’ve never seen a tower of Phyto2GO before. Keep up the incredible events, Russia!

 “A captivating selection of events with excellent and well thought-out speeches of world-known Leaders who are unsurpassed in their success – this is what summer Weekend-seminars are all about.

The varied program with various speakers all of them extremely skilled guaranteed to leave everybody with a smile on a face, with faith in a heart and with confidence in a mind. Carefully selected topics for speeches indulged everyone who is ready for changing the circumstances, for getting hold of their life, for

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iReport: Spring Romanian WES

I enjoy reading and seeing how everyone has used the CHANGE theme at their weekend seminars. I can’t wait to see what comes from this across the globe! 🙂

“Another great N21 Weekend Seminar in Bucharest, Romania 6th to 8th of March!

  Under the sign of the exciting but challenging theme “change”, participants enjoyed the complete package of an exquisite event: encouragement, learning, motivation, celebration of the newest achievers. Amazing teaching from our Guest Speakers Founder Crowns from Ukraine Igor and Valeria Kharatin. One of their secrets for success: basic work every day.

  Speakers inspired the audience to

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iReport: Central European Regional Conference, October 17-19

Not only do we an iReport from this event, but a really cool highlight video! Click the link below and enjoy 🙂

“Attendees from 7 European countries, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and for the first time Bulgaria, gathered in the beautiful city of Debrecen, Hungary, to spend 3 days together and learn from outstanding leaders and the fabulous guest speaker from South Africa, EDC Sean Henderson.

We all have received unique and spectacular teachings from Sean, not only during the General Session but gave momentum and inspiration for the young generation on Saturday morning. The audience

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iReport – October 4-6 Debrecen, Hungary – Central European Regional Conference

OK, so what do you get when you bring together Hungarians, Romanians, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenians and Croatians with a sprinkle of staging, a slice of audio/visual, a dab of international speakers and a whole lot of Network TwentyOne??? CERC of course!

“What an outstanding event we had in Debrecen, Hungary with thousands of attendees people from 6 countries of Europe! ABOS from Hungary, Romania, Czech, Slovak, Slovenia and Croatia waited with enthusiasm for the highlight of the business year – The Central European Regional Conference, and it didn’t disappoint them.

31 Diamonds, 13 Executive Diamonds and above, 67 Emeralds

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iReport DRIVE2013 from Los Angeles, California

For those of you who may have been in a coma the last six months, 2 things…

1.) Welcome back, we missed you!

2.) DRIVE2013 was Network TwentyOne’s Emerald and above leadership event held in Los Angeles, California where over 1,000 leaders from over 27 countries came together to learn from the best and most successful Amway business leaders in the history of the universe.

The event started with a memorial service for Network TwentyOne Founder and Chairman, Jim Dornan who passed away just days before the event. The service was broadcast live from the event and is still viewable

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iReport – Central European Regional Conference, 12-14 October,Debrecen – Hungary

Very exciting iReport from the Network TwentyOne Hungarian Events team … sounds like there were a lot of moving parts to this one with so many languages and videos flying all over the place from one country to another. Hats off (which we are all wearing in the Autumn as nature starts to go to sleep 😉 ) for the great job gang!

In autumn nature starts to go to sleep until new life begins in spring but this is not valid to the nature of Network TwentyOne! It was proven in lot of countries among others in Debrecen, Hungary. We

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iReport – WES October 2011, Bucharest, Romania

OK so what’s the deal with October and November 2011 iReports in March of 2012? Well n21guy has been a little busy lately and I managed to have a bunch of “n21 sunshine” pile up in my in box. So over the next week or so, get ready for a flurry of iReports from Network TwentyOne around the world.

“With guest speakers Janos & Rachel Demeter – Founders Executive Diamond from Hungary and USA; Maja & Jarzi Zupet – Diamonds from Slovenia…it was cold outside but there was heat in the hearts of our Guest and local Speakers that

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iReport from Bucharest, Romania – February 18-20, 2011

Check out the latest “haps” (“happenings”, for all of you using the Google translate feature:-) ) from Network TwentyOne Romania through this latest iReport from Network TwentyOne Romania’s intrepid Country Manager/Cub Reporter, Adina Logofatu!

“After many years, we returned to Palace Hall for another fantastic WES! Participants enjoyed the comfort of this elegant venue and the enthusiastic atmosphere of a great N21 event that took place in Bucharest on 18-20 February.

Outstanding speakers Diamond from South Africa PAOLO SCILIPOTI and Executive Diamond from Ukraine OKSANA SYTNIUK generously shared their impressive stories, the lessons they learned, their experience in growing

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iReport from the Weekend Seminar, Bucharest, Romania, 22-24 October 2010!

Autumn colors and sunny weather accompanied Network TwentyOne affiliated Romanian ABOs on their way to the venue. The audience enjoyed an enthusiastic and beautiful atmosphere and the benefit of excellent teaching and motivation from all speakers. Local leaders were happy to welcome many new people to the Network TwentyOne family and to proudly share with them the value of this fantastic business opportunity called Amway.

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Tremendous guest speaker Diamond from Australia Ronnie Kagan combined, in a unique way technique, encouragement, and humor, closing with the message: “Be the king of your own business”.