iReport: North America Leadership Conference

Wow, I feel like I was there with this detailed iReport from the states! I sure hope they invite ME to speak next time 😉

“Every NALC tops the one before. We had an incredible weekend seminar recognizing the accomplishments of the past year and setting vision for the fiscal year ahead. We are extremely grateful to have learned from our guest speaker executive diamond Massimo Bini once again. His story inspired, his teaching enlightened us, and his final send off opened our eyes.

We had a full program hosted by our hilarious M.C., diamond Jeff Applebaum. Friday started

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iReport: First Bulgarian WES!

So excited to read this first iReport from Bulgaria! Awesome how the N21 family is growing. Pumped about this incredible first weekend seminar. Can’t wait for the next!

“The first Weekend Seminar in Sofia at the end of March celebrated a new country on the N21 global map! It was a fabulous event where lots of happy, grateful, joyful people gathered to learn and celebrate for three memorable days in one of the most famous venues in Bulgaria – the National Palace of Culture. The audience became even more enthusiastic listening to the Guest Speakers Founder Executive Diamond from Hungary

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iReport: NALC 2014

I got to peek in on a few of these awesome sessions- it was a great WES indeed. How cool is North America for having all these speakers and sketch notes of their talks? I want one!

“We had an exciting North America Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA, September 5-7. Triple Diamonds Angie Somers and Carl Nilsson traveled all the way from Australia to be our guest speakers- and boy are we glad they did! The conference kicked off Friday night with Ray Keller and Mike Wilson getting us ready for the weekend and unveiling the theme for the weekend:

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iReport – North America Winter Conferences – January 2014

Great events in the USA. I got to catch a few of the talks from both of the events and I’m proud to report that my comprehension of South African English has improved greatly. 😉 Amazing teaching and a rich atmosphere of success and belief was on tap for both of these exciting seminars.

“One Winter Conference, two Incredible Weekends!

We kicked off our Winter Conference on the West Coast in sunny Southern California. Special guest, Founders Executive Diamond Kevin Harris joined us all the way from South Africa to be our guest speaker. He shared some insightful teaching,

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Need a Little Inspiration?

Feeling like it is tough to get some momentum? Maybe you feel like you are not properly equipped, too old or maybe you think your market has been open too long and that there are just no more opportunities? Dr. n21guy knows just what to prescribe for your “perspective-itis”. Check out new Gold Producers Art and Ginnie Lang (90 and 92) who are building their Amway business in North America (a 50+ year old market).

Ailment: Perspective-itis

Treatment: The below video

Dosage: Watch and share this video as needed to combat the effects of a bad attitude and/or a negative

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Jim Dornan’s Funeral Streamed Live

Heads up peeps, the Dornan family has decided to broadcast Jim’s funeral so all of his friends and family around the world can share in this special time of mourning and celebration.

The broadcast will begin at 11:00 AM EST on August 16, 2016 and continue throughout the service which is approximately 2 hours long. To watch the live stream, visit this Friday at 11:00 am EST.

Amway Spotlights Network TwentyOne’s Network Of Caring

IBOs in South Africa Deliver a Wheelchair

Many of you will remember when Amway recognized the work of Jim and Nancy Dornan and Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs/ABOs last April with their write up about Power Soccer and the Fernando Foundation. Well Amway has once again taken notice of the amazing work and generosity of Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs/ABOs from around the world with a new write up on Network Of Caring. For those of you who may not have heard, Network Of Caring is the charitable organization created by Jim and Nancy Dornan in partnership with Network TwentyOne

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The End of an Era…

Bernice Hansen1911-2012

An Amway icon and one of Network TwentyOne’s great leaders, Bernice Hansen passed away on September 27th at the age of 101. Having been an IBO with Amway from the beginning and built to the level of Crown with her husband Fred, Bernice was loved for her wisdom, generosity and enthusiasm and respected by all for her accomplishments. Having worked with Bernice over the last decade or so, I was always struck by her kindness and confidence. Truly a remarkable woman. Because of the enormous family of IBOs who knew and loved Bernice, the family has decided

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n21guy Catches up with Dr. Frank Luntz Backstage in Washington, DC

dr. frank luntz

Well what can I say … I have connections. Check out my backstage interview with Dr. Frank Luntz at the Network TwentyOne’s North American Leadership Conference in Washington, DC earlier this month.

Listen and learn as messaging expert Dr. Frank Luntz explains what is so great about the Amway Business Opportunity and what IBOs should keep in mind when sharing this opportunity with others.

That reminds me… I still need to give Frank his phone back 🙂


About Frank Luntz

Dr. Luntz has written, supervised, and conducted more than 1,200 surveys, focus groups and dial sessions in more

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We Have A Winner! Announcing the Title of John C. Maxwell & Jim Dornan’s Latest Book

Ok guys, I told you we were having a contest to to name John & Jim’s new book and you came through for me. Some really great suggestions from so many of you via this blog, Twitter, Facebook and even a few of you tracked me down and passed me a note… well done. The winning title Geared for Growth – 10 Principles for Reaching Your Potential came to us via a North American IBO who wishes to remain anonymous. I can certainly respect that … great minds think alike 😉 . So, a pair of tickets to our upcoming

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