News Flash!!! New Contest To Name John Maxwell and Jim Dornan’s New Book!

Ok, how cool is this. Some of you may have heard that world renowned author, Dr. John C. Maxwell has teamed up once again with our very own Jim Dornan (world renowned author in his own right) to bring us another book designed specifically for you! You may remember, John and Jim jointly authored Becoming a Person of Influence back in the late 90’s and they have joined forces once more to bring you an in depth look at how to reach your potential in life. Who better to teach this topic than two of the world’s premier speakers/teachers/mentors on

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Looking Back On 2009

Inevitability as we head into a new year we are drawn to reflect on the year just passed. Often this reflection takes the form of soul searching for areas of failure or short comings which gives birth to a series of resolutions for the new year. But seeing as I’m an upbeat guy committed to spreading “N21 Sunshine” … I’ll just touch on some of the major highlights of the year… feel free to share yours as well!


2009 was a landmark year if for nothing else … it was the year I was “born”. It has

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More on the N21 iPhone App


OK, this has begun to cause quite a stir so I did a little more digging. Here is a screen capture from the actual iPhone app. Two videos and a Profiles of Success e-book for $0.99 … seems like a smokin’ deal to me.

Also, here is the second video, 20 Years of Significance that will be in the application … Very cool indeed!


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