iReport: Free Enterprise in Helsinki October 2014

Wow! How incredible to have numerous top leaders from a variety of places in the same arena. That’s why I love Network TwentyOne- we’re a global community 🙂

“Free Enterprise, Northern European Conference in Finland, what an event… numbers say for themselves: 22 Diamonds and above 60 Emeralds and above Over 400 Platinum and above

Dream Guest speakers: Hans Nusshold- Crown Ambassador from Austria and first time in Finland: David and Jules Dornan , Founder Diamonds from USA. Attendees from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, England, Russia, Ireland. 100% International spirit and great enthusiasm.

New Fiscal year started

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iReport: UK WES June 2014

I love how there were so many countries represented at this WES. Network 21 is such a rockin’ global community. Also, did you see all those speakers?! Wonder why they didn’t ask me… 😉

“On two of the hottest days so far this year, the UK ABO’s created their own heat as they gathered at the impressive Hinckley Island hotel in the middle of the country for a fantastic WES. The numbers were bolstered by visitors from Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia who were made very welcome. One of the strangest sights was seeing a seminar in the

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