iReport: Hellenic WES June 2017

Our Hellas team had some fun with this iReport! They had me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the next report about the October WES!

“Do you have time for a GOOD story? 🙂 Here you go…

This year for Hellas started with a goal that we set last October! For this cause we started a new journey. First stop was February WES in Athens were we set the parameters, we drew the travel on the map and we launched the dream vehicle! Four months later it was time to refill the dream vehicle with powerful fuel,

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iReport: Hellenic WES July 1-3, 2016

You can feel the excitement in this report from Greece! I am so encouraged by the vision given, new recognitions, and young generations coming into the business. I can’t wait for the next WES 🙂

“Dr. Paddy Reynolds gave his full heart, passion, energy and his vision on stage and this vibe charged everybody in the congress hall for 3 days and beyond!!!

This WES could be described as very ‘fresh’ with so many multimedia, new videos, with live drawings from our Facebook page, with many new BSM’s and gadgets, with big plasma wall and screens and of course with

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iReport: Hellas WES February 19-21, 2016

20 YEARS! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish over the next 20. Congratulations on another incredible WES- I am so proud 🙂

“This year N21 Hellas celebrates 20 years!!! This celebration started with an amazing WES full of energy.

20 years ago BIG great leaders from all over the world started to build this market with young dreamers who wanted more for their lives. During these years new leaders were born that have now taken the baton to do the same: inspire, teach and build new leadership!

A new era for Network 21 Hellas started with an invitation

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iReport: Hellenic WES October 2015

I can feel the excitement from here! Thank you Hellas for the great update and for including every theme from the last two years in your last sentence 😉

“Hello from Hellas!!! Another WES was finished and we all feel refreshed!!!

Our guest speaker Staffan Ohlson inspired us with his great stories and his endless energy. The participants were really thrilled to watch such an amazing leader on stage. Many Hellenic Leaders gave their best on stage with great speeches and exciting moments.

Hellenic market took the DECISION NOW to MOVE and CHANGE, to FREE her potential and renew the

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iReport – Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – November 2011

An “oasis of positive thinking and belief” in Greece these days… how can it be? Must be another Network TwentyOne Seminar!

“An amazing WES that touched all the Hellenic hearts, gave us back our smile and our hope that beside all difficulties our country face,we all stand together and we all won!!!

We lived so special moments with such an amazing couple as Andrea Wolf & Imre Serdult who shared their unbelievable story and their perception of building the business in a country with serious economical crisis! They touched the hearts of all the participants by being so simple. Hard

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iReport – Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – June 2011

OK, so I’m posting a June iReport in October … what can I say? Good thing I work for free or someone might threaten to cut my pay! A great country in tough economic times showing the world that there is success and achievement in even the toughest situations … that’s what the Amway opportunity is all about. Props to my Hellenic (I love to say that word) friends for all you have achieved!

“It’s very easy to describe a WES with Angie Somers and Carl Nilsson! The only thing that needs, is just to say the names and everyone

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Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – November 10-21, 2010

γεια σε όλους τους φίλους μου! (look it up 😉 ) … and check out this iReport from my good friends in Hellas! Tough times are the right time for Amway & Network TwentyOne… bringing opportunity and support to people around the world. Cool stuff huh?

The Anti-crisis WES!

“An amazing WES took place in Athens with fantastic moments, wonderful atmosphere along with the right conclusions that gave a strong push to all our ABO’s to the direction of new decade!

Our guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller did a perfect job. They were amazing on stage sharing their

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iReport from the WES June 25th -27th 2010, Thessaloniki, Greece

χαιρετισμούς από την Ελλάδα … or greetings from Greece! What can I say, n21guy is just oh such the “global citizen”. Speaking of amazing, here is an amazing iReport from the Network TwentyOne Hellas Country Manager Sissy Tzelepidou … try saying her name 10 times fast 😉

“Hi from a “hot summer” WES !

We had one of the hottest WESs in Thessaloniki with all the Cox family on stage. “Fresh & Juicy” it worked like an antidote to the low psychology we are facing over the last months in Hellas. Everything went well and the message from Peter

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iReport from Athens Event, 19th -21st of March 2010 WES

Our first iReport from the wonderful country of Greece. This iReport comes from the ever upbeat and talented Network TwentyOne Greece Country Manager, Sissy Tzelepidou (try to say that name 3 times fast). #gallery-9 { margin: auto; } #gallery-9 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-9 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-9 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

“Hi from sunny spring Athens!

We just had our first Weekend Seminar of 2010 which took place in the Olympic stadium in one of the beautiful suburbs

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iReport from Athens, Greece

Another iReport from our Country Manager Sissy Tzelepidou in Athens, Greece (Hellas).

“Our Fall WES took place in Athens, November 14-15

We had a fired up audience with our guest speaker from South Africa, Executive Diamond Sean Henderson. Sessions ran smoothly with lots of enthusiasm, by local speakers doing fine tuned speeches and Sean building trust, security and simplicity in his approach for the business. Sean shared his experience, passing the message “it’s simple just don’t put yourself as an obstacle to your growth”, great promotion of next WES with Andrews family, all worked to build the dream.


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