iReport – Ukranian Go Diamondin Yalta, September 2012

First there was the Yalta Conference in 1945… then came Go Diamond Ukraine in Yalta in 2012. You be the judge which one was more exciting, enjoyable and informative! Fireworks shot off to the music of Olivia Newton John – Whoooaaa, how did I miss that!

“What could be more beautiful than the time spent on the seaside? … Only the time spent on the seaside in one of the most amazing cities of Ukraine with the best leaders of Network TwentyOne … Cecilia Karas, Elena Floroiu, Marek and Isabela Bujwicky, Igor and Valeria Haratin, Taras and Irina Demkura, Vera

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iReport from Debrecen, Hungary

This Report was filed by Barbara Nagy, Country Manager for Network TwentyOne Hungary

“What an amazing, motivating event we had in Hungary, Debrecen…… Outstanding speakers from USA Skip and Susan Ross as Guest Speakers created an unforgetable athmosphere in Hungary’s 2nd largest city, Debrecen 6-8 November 2009.

We celebrated not only Skip and Susan but also the 4 New Emeralds, 1 New Diamonds Imre and Erika Baluka and one brand New Executive Diamond Couple, Imre Serdült and Andrea Wolf…

ABOs left the event with momentum and the message as Skip Ross said on stage: ‘ The key of today is

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iReport from Bucharest, Romania

This iReport was filed by Adina Logofatu , Coutry Manager for Network TwentyOne Romania

“Our fantastic Romanian WES 13/15 November just finished! Unbelievably enthusiastic atmosphere, great teaching from Crown Ambassadors from Austria Hans & Eva Nusshold, new achievers celebrated with fantastic joy and emotion, extraordinary event…”

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This Week’s C-21 Weekly Presentation

As part of our C-21 Weekly program for all Channel-21 subscribers, we present The Second Marshall Plan by Austrian Crown Ambassador, Hans Nusshold. Listen as Hans relates to us through his story that if you have a dream, circumstances don’t count – they are never perfect but this business provides a perfect opportunity!

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Click here to view a bio of Austrian Crown Ambassadors Han & Eva Nusshold

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