iReport: Athens – Hellas WES October 2016

Congrats to the new emeralds! The N21 family is very proud of you and your accomplishment. I hope to see more exciting recognition at the next WES now that the VISION has been cast

“There are no words to describe a Weekend Seminar with the theme VISION, guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller and with a brand new Emerald recognition! Hellas is celebrating!

Our guests speakers Ray & Karla Keller were absolutely amazing! They managed to nail down all the attendees with their passion – eyes, ears, mind and hearts moved to the tone of “crazy beginnings”. The stories

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iReport: Hellenic WES July 1-3, 2016

You can feel the excitement in this report from Greece! I am so encouraged by the vision given, new recognitions, and young generations coming into the business. I can’t wait for the next WES

“Dr. Paddy Reynolds gave his full heart, passion, energy and his vision on stage and this vibe charged everybody in the congress hall for 3 days and beyond!!!

This WES could be described as very ‘fresh’ with so many multimedia, new videos, with live drawings from our Facebook page, with many new BSM’s and gadgets, with big plasma wall and screens and of course with

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iReport: Hellas WES February 19-21, 2016

20 YEARS! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish over the next 20. Congratulations on another incredible WES- I am so proud

“This year N21 Hellas celebrates 20 years!!! This celebration started with an amazing WES full of energy.

20 years ago BIG great leaders from all over the world started to build this market with young dreamers who wanted more for their lives. During these years new leaders were born that have now taken the baton to do the same: inspire, teach and build new leadership!

A new era for Network 21 Hellas started with an invitation

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iReport: What an Inspiring WES!

I can feel the excitement across the miles. How cool to hear from third generation leaders! Another reason this business rocks.

“October 17 – 19, 2014 WES in Hellas

Yes we had another successful WES having people FREE to dream their future!

Skip & Susan Ross were outstanding! Their speeches weren’t only uplifting but they talk directly to the heart of the people.

Stephen and Jenni Ross were also here for the weekend and shared their experience of being the 3rd generation in Amway business. They were great!

The Greek leaders were professional and gave their best as always!

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iReport DRIVE2013 from Los Angeles, California

For those of you who may have been in a coma the last six months, 2 things…

1.) Welcome back, we missed you!

2.) DRIVE2013 was Network TwentyOne’s Emerald and above leadership event held in Los Angeles, California where over 1,000 leaders from over 27 countries came together to learn from the best and most successful Amway business leaders in the history of the universe.

The event started with a memorial service for Network TwentyOne Founder and Chairman, Jim Dornan who passed away just days before the event. The service was broadcast live from the event and is still viewable

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iReport – Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – November 2011

An  “oasis of positive thinking and belief” in Greece these days… how can it be? Must be another Network TwentyOne Seminar!

“An amazing WES that touched all the Hellenic hearts, gave us back our smile and our hope that beside all difficulties our country face,we all stand together and we all won!!!

We lived so special moments with such an amazing couple as Andrea Wolf & Imre Serdult who shared their unbelievable story and their perception of building the business in a country with serious economical crisis! They touched the hearts of all the participants by being so simple. Hard

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iReport – Weekend Seminar in Athens, Greece – June 2011


OK, so I’m posting a June iReport in October … what can I say? Good thing I work for free or someone might threaten to cut my pay! A great country in tough economic times showing the world that there is success and achievement in even the toughest situations … that’s what the Amway opportunity is all about. Props to my Hellenic (I love to say that word) friends for all you have achieved!

“It’s very easy to describe a WES with Angie Somers and Carl Nilsson! The only thing that needs, is just to say the names and everyone

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WES Hellas March 18-20 2011

I love the way the Greeks put their feelings into English … like no other language. Very cool…

“An extremely warm event took place in Athens full of great moments & a sport hall that has being floated from our guest speakers Martin’s & Tracy’s Hutchins spirit!!! Such a strong and amazing spirit of courage, strength and belief with a specific target attendants hearts.The goal was reached!!! Our guest speakers with elegance & true style shined on the stage and in our Abo’s hearts! They were amazing sharing their experience, their story, their challenges, met in their way, the love

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iReport – Weekend Seminar in Slovenia, February 11-13

New Platinums.JPG

Time to ramp up a few iReports from around the world peeps …another iReport from Network TwentyOne Slovenia/Croatia. By the way, nice stage design guys!

“An amazing winter weekend of February 11 – 13, 2011. Not even the cold outside could not destroy our excitement while waiting for the first WES of 2011 to begin.

Our guest speakers this time were Andrea Wolf & Imre Serdült, the Executive Diamonds from Hungary, and Elena Haroni & Chris Kallinikos, Diamonds from Greece. Our crowd simply fell in love with all of them and they had really made a great impression.

At this

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iReport from Debrecen, Hungary, 5-7 November 2010

Double Diamond recognition.JPG

As always, a great iReport from Network TwentyOne’s Hungarian Country Manager, Barbara Nagy…

“The beautiful city of Debrecen, hosted again the Hungarian Fall Weekend Seminar. The participants could enjoy 3 days of teaching, inspiration, motivation and celebration on a sunny, spring time atmosphere with around 20 degrees Celsius ……. this was already a special treat we got for winter time!

We are grateful to our amazing guest speakers Elena Haroni Diamond from Greece and Valeria and Igor Kharatin Crowns from Ukraine for their quality teaching and for sharing their experience and vision to Hungarians ABOs. And we are thankful to

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