iReport from a Fantastic End to the WES Surge in Russia – Novosibirsk June 2010!

Last but certainly not the least in a great series of iReports of the June Weekend Seminar surge from the Network TwentyOne Team in Russia… great work Olga and team!

“Though we cut the venue almost in a half this weekend seminar in Novosibirsk, Russia June 25-27 was a really big event for Siberian leaders. The atmosphere of the seminar was charged with lots of energy, the venue looked crowded, people were dancing during the breaks. The charisma and natural charm of invited speakers from Poland – Mira and Les Hetnal – impressed everyone there. Rigid Siberian hearts were melted

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This week’s N21-Cast from Euro GD in Budapest Hungary

Join n21guy as he broadcasts live from Budapest, Hungary and the site of the 2009 European Go Diamond. This week n21guy taps in to the Go Diamond seminar and brings your a fresh slice of Jim Dornan in the teaching zone.

Welcome European GD Attendees

Well it was an amazing 3 days for the European Go Diamond attendees who converged on Budapest, Hungary for 3 days of education, inspiration and recognition. Since this Go Diamond was the first event that was promoted, I have seen that many of you have been visiting the site so WELCOME!! Let me know what you think!

Attending countries included Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovak, Romania Ukraine and Hungary and from these countries the follow new levels of achievement were recognized hundreds of Platinums,  33 Emeralds, 25 Founders Emeralds, 14 Diamonds, 2 Founders Diamonds, 3 Executive Diamonds, 1 Founders Executive

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