iReport: Autumn Russian Weekend Seminars

WOW. That’s almost all I can say. But I’ll manage to say a little more 🙂 Congrats to the new emeralds, founders emeralds, and executive diamonds- you have ABO’s all over the world proud of you and celebrating with you. I can’t wait to see what the spring holds for Russia!

“What can we say about autumn Weekend Seminars in Russia? They were outstanding and remarkable! Mats Holmberg from Sweden and Tony Henderson from New Zealand galvanized the audience with their energy and emotions, Elkhan and Milana Ezhdarovy broke the ice venue with their activeness and traditional lezginka dance,

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iReport: 2015 India Convention

What a full summer they have had already! Awesome line up of speakers across the country. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the fall! 🙂

“The Indian sweltering Summer heat got even hotter with the blazing line of speakers we had at our April conventions.

It was indeed a perfect example of unity in diversity where we saw the articulate Diamond from Indonesia – Kristiawan sharing his experience with the audience in Delhi and Bangalore had the privilege to be impacted by the wisdom of Gad Ghabrial – Double Diamond from Australia. Philippines Diamond – Ali Ghannadan was

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iReport: Philippine WES October 18-19, 2014

A little reminiscing on 2014…it was a great year in the Philippine market! Congrats on the new pin levels achieved. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

“Learning- check! Achievements- check! The Philippine WES last October 2014 was a very memorable one indeed. As expected, Double Diamond Amgad Ghabrial fired up the hearts of many Filipinos. Congratulations and cheers poured for new Emeralds Dr. Jun & Racquel Bernardino. Everybody enjoyed the “Royal” recognition of Executive Diamonds Babes & Mario Tero who were recognized in the October WES in their cute Prince & Princess costumes! May 2015 bring us more growth

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iReport: Central European Regional Conference, October 17-19

Not only do we an iReport from this event, but a really cool highlight video! Click the link below and enjoy 🙂

“Attendees from 7 European countries, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and for the first time Bulgaria, gathered in the beautiful city of Debrecen, Hungary, to spend 3 days together and learn from outstanding leaders and the fabulous guest speaker from South Africa, EDC Sean Henderson.

We all have received unique and spectacular teachings from Sean, not only during the General Session but gave momentum and inspiration for the young generation on Saturday morning. The audience

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iReport: North America WES May-June 2014

Remind me next May to check out the WES in the US- I can learn from all my favorite speakers in one place! 🙂

“The East Coast of the US had an awesome WES in Atlanta, Georgia, May 16-18. The guest speaker was Diamond Staffan Ohlson. He is an excellent communicator and shared much wisdom and insight, in addition to his interesting story. We were lucky also to hear from David and Jules Dornan, Marg Hays, János Demeter, Andrew Mackay, Mike Wilson, Pete Matz, Jackie Lowe, Nancy Dornan, and a panel. Whew! Each leader teaches and inspires in unique ways,

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iReport: Regional WES in Tallinn May 16-18: Enthusiasm, tears, fun, and a great kick to move forward!

Booking my ticket for their next WES. After reading this, I do not want to miss the next one!

“Getting ready for WES in Tallinn nobody could expect that it is going to go that way. IT WAS REAL BOOM OF EMOTIONS. Friday was summarized by our Guest Speaker: Massimo Bini- Executive Diamond from Italy, who gave everyone just fantastic lesson of Amway Business Building and Management based on Network TwentyOne learning system. His three speeches at WES were just one great lesson for everyone starting from those who are 1st time at WES up to Diamonds and above.


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iReport – Weekend seminars in Russia – Fall 2013

New Diamonds, Double Diamonds, Executive Diamonds … Ok now you guys are just showing off .  😉   Seriously, around the world we celebrate your success and congratulate the amazing achievements of the Russian market. Поздравляем!

There are certain things in life that you will never be able to wrap in a sparkling paper. Delight, inspiration, joy, smiles. Not to be wrapped, but to be gained at an event of Network TwentyOne. The weekend-seminars of the fall were brimming with emotions that resonated long after the functions ended. There was a celebration of success of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Business Owners

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WLS in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 21 – 22 September, 2013

Ho Chi WOW! This is our first iReport from Ho Chi Minh. I’m always amazed but never surprise how universal the concept of opportunity infused with training and support is embraced across countries and cultures.

“We just concluded our second WLS in Vietnam, and the atmosphere was electric, as Vietnam IBOs were inspired by great talks from Diamonds, Ariel and Ambec Driz, Double Diamond, Simon Thompson, and Executive Diamond, Mamie Jones, as well as wonderful talks from local leaders. Ariel demonstrated the business concept simply and articulately and by the time the event concluded, each person in the venue believed

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iReport – India Weekend Seminars October 2013

I just got back from a quick trip to India and all I had to declare at US Customs was this righteous iReport from the awesome Network TwentyOne India staff which I had packed away in my carry on bag. Well done guys!

“As this October 2013 convention theme was Achieve, our leaders really achieved great heights at this convention.

Conventions across 8 cities starting from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Lucknow, Raipur, Indore, Pune and Patna along with amazing line up of speakers from overseas as well as our local leadership.

There was an overwhelming crowd to hear the Crown Ambassador Skip

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iReport – Seminar in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China


Not the first Weekend Seminar in China but this is the first iReport from this vast and virtually unknown (to the world of Network TwentyOne outside of China) market. What always strikes be about the Amway business opportunity and Network TwentyOne training and support is the way in which they both meet universal needs that are embraced throughout the world. Deep stuff huh? What can I say, n21guy has his moments. While this is the first iReport from China, you can bet it will not be the last. Check it out…

“As the most significant part of our

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