Highlights Video from NALC Seminar in Altanta, GA

This is a sweet supplement to the quality iReport below … I snagged this video from the Network TwentyOne North America Events Team when they we not looking and thought you guys would appreciate another look at a quality event!

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A Big “Thank You!” From David & Jules Dornan

Hi everyone!

I had great intentions of individually writing everyone back as I felt you each so deserved that.  You have touched my heart with your words.  The timing of all these “Congrats” email messages has been perfect since Dave was in California at our Summer Conference and I was home unable to go due to the pregnancy.  How strange to miss my first weekend seminar as a diamond!  I have felt so loved and applauded these last weeks as the email messages continued to come in.  As they continued, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to reply

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