iReport from Go Diamond, Kiev, Ukraine – September 14-16, 2011

Wow…Wish someone would say that I am “concordant and thoroughly composed” just once!!! I made it to this little shin-dig and it was in a high energy event to be sure. Amazing leadership sharing great experiences in building a fantastic business… what more could you want? Oh I almost forgot, delicious pizzas to boot!

“Two most awaited events of the year 2011 – Go Diamond (Ukraine) and European Emerald Forum recently been held in Kiev. Both events took place in Ukraine for the first time. The professionalism & level of speakers on stage was backed with the might of their

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iReport from Amway Achivers North America

Thanks to special Cub Reporter and Double Diamond, Dorsey Deaton for this iReport from Amway North America’s Achiever’s Award trip in San Diego, California last month

“Network TwentyOne Leaders were in great abundance at the North American Achiever’s Trip for Q-12 qualifiers, Sapphires, and higher awards. Jim and Nancy Dornan were announced as new 55 Founders Achievement Award point qualifiers, and Dave and Jules Dornan were honored as new Founders’ Diamonds. Cale and Aura Andrews marched in with the new Sapphires and new first-time attendees included Dr. Aaron and Karen Shores as Founders’ Platinums. See the attached photos” #gallery-2

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Having Fun While Making a Difference!

I tried to get the gig as Jim’s caddy for this trip but alas… no go! Regardless, I thought you would appreciate seeing what Network TwentyOne founders Jim & Nancy Dornan we up to earlier this week.

Jim, Nancy, Dave and Jules (plus Faith an Ella) were recently at Pebble Beach to support another worthy charitable organization, EQUIP, with John Maxwell. Jim is a founding board member of the organization that has now trained over 4 million leaders in 144 countries, and in more than 60 languages. “The golf is world class, but the opportunity to make a

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David & Jules Dornan – N21 Diamonds Spotlighted in Achieve

No additional comments from n21guy needed … second generation Dornans rock!!!

Special Congratulation from Jim & Nancy Dornan

Dave and Jules Dornan ….New Diamonds!

We all know that when anyone in our Network 21 family becomes a Diamond, it is special. As the parents of New Diamonds we are so excited to celebrate and share the news of the Dave and Jules latest achievement with all of our friends and partners around the world. What a special moment this is!

After five years of focused effort, sacrifice, life (newly married, raising their first child and expecting baby #2, “driving the miles”) and under the lights of the Dornan name and visibility; this is a truly amazing

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