n21guy Stars in Another Product Promo Video

Those guys (and gals) at Network TwentyOne North America are so clever… check out this product promotion video from the Network TwentyOne North American Seminar in Anaheim, California staring your favorite and lovable “virtual do-er of good”. I think they shot me from my best side …

Look for many of these products coming to your markets in the coming months!

Rumors Confirmed About New N21 European Product

I have been hearing rumors over the last several weeks about a new CD being developed by Network TwentyOne Europe for the European N21-ers … The CD contains a flash version of almost every European Market’s Marketing Plan (excluding the UK and Russia) … too cool! Available at next week’s Go Diamond in Budapest I hear… and then later in the month available in each market through normal sales and distribution channels.

Screen shot of the actual application showing all markets contained in the application below:

Also hear that a web based version of this application is in the works

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