iReport – Another Outstanding Event in Turkey!


If for nothing else I wish I were at the event because it was held at the “WOW” connection center … ahhhh, wow!

“Autumn WES of Turkey was conducted on November 09 – 10 in Istanbul. The ABOs and their guests filled WOW Convention Center to listen a world class mentors, Bob & Terry Andrews. Bob made great teaching on the topic of “how to change” on Sunday, and it completed all presentations in parallel of the theme of this event “Achieve”.

The audiences celebrated all successful ABOs throughout Saturday, and the recognition was at peak when they

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iReport from Crowns Bob & Terry Andrews

Always nice to get some “scoop” from such successful and respected Network TwentyOne leaders … and once again we see Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway business leaders not only having fun but doing great things for others in need. My invitation must have been lost in the mail…

“Hello All, When Rich saw Terry at the exclusive Black Tie opening of The Amway Center he said….”Hi Terry, I am happy to see you. You look great!” What a memory. Rich is a legend.

An incredible evening… Jim & Nancy, The Boston Pops Orchestra, James Taylor, fabulous dinner and only 800

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This Month In Achieve Magazine

OK, so from time to time I’ll bring you Network TwentyOne Leadership spotted in Amway’s North American publication Achieve.

Very cool … check out the Dornan’s 50 FAA point section and the Parting Words from Bob Andrews as the outgoing Chairman of the IBOAI.

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Amway Achievers 2009 in Orlando, Flordia – USA

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Here is a quick post of a sweet pic of Jim & Nancy Dornan, Bob & Terry Andrews with Chris Gardner… the real life man after whom the movie Pursuit of Happyness staring Will Smith was made.

Like the Dornans and the Andrews, Chris is a remarkable person with track record of achievement and a desire to give back to the community.

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IBOAI October Board Meeting Update

Check out the latest news from an organization that represents Amway IBOs/ABOs around the world… with a special Shout Out to Bob & Terry Andrews for their hard work and dedication by serving on the IBOAI Board.

To read a summary of the IBOAI October Board meeting, click here.

Cool Vid from The IBOAI

Some might argue that the words “cool” and “IBOAI” should not be used in the same sentence but I beg to differ. You know … as a virtual do-er of good and one who is dedicated to spreading some “N21 Sunshine” … I really dig this vid from the IBOAI (we’ll talk about the video quality later). Love the message of looking out for the IBOs around the world and how they partner with the Corporation to accomplish that goal.

The IBOA’s site was not the best source for a video stream so I got out my web gardening tools

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