iReport: India Conventions March 2018

It’s always amazing to me how many weekend seminars take place! Five conventions in one country…think of all the lives impacted by these events! And then think of all the years of events… my brain can’t handle it 😉

“The India Conventions in March 2018 were a treat to the ears and eyes. The inspiring talks by speakers like Peter Cox from Australia and Katalin Lovas from Hungary had everyone glued to their seats. What an amazing teaching from these world class leaders.

The Conventions were held in various cities: Delhi, Bangalore, Raipur, Lucknow and Mumbai. The Indian Diamond

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iReport: Hellenic WES June 2017

Our Hellas team had some fun with this iReport! They had me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the next report about the October WES!

“Do you have time for a GOOD story? 🙂 Here you go…

This year for Hellas started with a goal that we set last October! For this cause we started a new journey. First stop was February WES in Athens were we set the parameters, we drew the travel on the map and we launched the dream vehicle! Four months later it was time to refill the dream vehicle with powerful fuel,

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iReport: Russia Summer WES 2016

What an event! I’ve never seen a tower of Phyto2GO before. Keep up the incredible events, Russia!

“A captivating selection of events with excellent and well thought-out speeches of world-known Leaders who are unsurpassed in their success – this is what summer Weekend-seminars are all about.

The varied program with various speakers all of them extremely skilled guaranteed to leave everybody with a smile on a face, with faith in a heart and with confidence in a mind. Carefully selected topics for speeches indulged everyone who is ready for changing the circumstances, for getting hold of their life,

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iReport: South Africa WES February 19-21, 2016

What an update from South Africa- HealthPointe 2.1 launch, new XS bars, Basil and Leonie Harris, Peter Cox, and more! We better make sure we’re at the next one, I don’t want to miss out on all this! 🙂

“The weekend of 19 – 21 February 2016 saw Network 21 Southern Africa take over Galllagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Day 1 of the event started off with a bang with the launch of the much awaited HealthPointe 2.1 program. Thousands of Amway Business Owners from across Southern Africa were energised by international guest speakers Basil & Leonie Harris and

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iReport: 2015 India Convention

What a full summer they have had already! Awesome line up of speakers across the country. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the fall! 🙂

“The Indian sweltering Summer heat got even hotter with the blazing line of speakers we had at our April conventions.

It was indeed a perfect example of unity in diversity where we saw the articulate Diamond from Indonesia – Kristiawan sharing his experience with the audience in Delhi and Bangalore had the privilege to be impacted by the wisdom of Gad Ghabrial – Double Diamond from Australia. Philippines Diamond – Ali Ghannadan was

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iReport: Australia WES October 24-26

There was a great event down under in October! The Dornan family was the guests speakers at this Australia weekend seminar. Wow, all 3 in one place! 🙂 It was an incredible event filled with exciting new recognition and motivating, challenging talks. Here are a few pics!

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Thailand WLS on 15-17 November 2013

Is it just me or do Peter and Debbie look like they are singing a duo in the photo to the right? I can hear it now as I type… “Islands in the stream, that is who we are…” Channeling their inner Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon no doubt. 😉

Nice to hear from the amazing Network TwentyOne team in Thailand. What a testament to an amazing business opportunity and world class business training and support!

“Our Weekend Seminar was conducted in Pattaya, Thailand at the famous Royal Cliff Hotel & Resort. All participants came from all over parts of

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iReport – Seminar in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China


Not the first Weekend Seminar in China but this is the first iReport from this vast and virtually unknown (to the world of Network TwentyOne outside of China) market. What always strikes be about the Amway business opportunity and Network TwentyOne training and support is the way in which they both meet universal needs that are embraced throughout the world. Deep stuff huh? What can I say, n21guy has his moments. While this is the first iReport from China, you can bet it will not be the last. Check it out…

“As the most significant part of our

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Amway Spotlights Network TwentyOne’s Network Of Caring

IBOs in South Africa Deliver a Wheelchair

Many of you will remember when Amway recognized the work of Jim and Nancy Dornan and Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs/ABOs last April with their write up about Power Soccer and the Fernando Foundation. Well Amway has once again taken notice of the amazing work and generosity of Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs/ABOs from around the world with a new write up on Network Of Caring. For those of you who may not have heard, Network Of Caring is the charitable organization created by Jim and Nancy Dornan in partnership with Network TwentyOne

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iReport – Weekend Seminar Summer Surge, Russia 2012

OK, so here’s the deal … Russia is such a big country that posting an individual iReport for each event were getting a little ridiculous. So from now on we’ll do them in big chucks, or “surges” as the Russians refer to them … kind of sounds like a military campaign but whatever. 😉

To say that the Russians have a knack for “flowery” speech is perhaps an understatement … Therefore I bring you a bouquet of iReports from the passionate staff of Network TwentyOne Russia!

“WES in St. Petersburg June 22 – 24 started the summer surge of weekend

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