iReport: September 2017 India Conventions

Wow, they had conventions in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune and Raipur! That’s a lot of cities… which means a lot of ABOs learning from these leaders, being recognized, and making it happen. Can’t imagine all you’ll do in 2018 🙂

“We had incredible weekend seminars full of wisdom, fun, and vision. Thank you to all our Guest Speakers, Mike Wilson from the USA and Gad Ghabrial from Australia, for focusing on the importance of right thinking and right attitude. They helped to create an amazing atmosphere and filled leaders with positive and encouraging energy. Congrats to the new emeralds & new executive diamond. Nice recognitions, VIP achievements and excellent work by our local Diamonds accomplished a successful event and a promise for the next one … to shine and bring new extraordinary results! The Convention began with a special Leaders Club and above meeting followed by a fun reception for those who completed the RECOGNITIONS Challenge. The participants were really thrilled to watch such remarkable leaders on stage.

Be next and we would love to celebrate your achievements at the next Convention in India in March 2018!”

iReport: WES Poland, October 20-22, 2017 and 25th Anniversary

So many diamond recognitions this fall! And a new one from a market that’s been around…you guys are amazing. Big congratulations to this couple on reaching diamond and to N21 Poland for faithfully serving our ABOs for 25 years!

“One of the oldest N21 and Amway markets in Europe is Poland. It has been 25 years since Jim and Nancy Dornan opened our Warsaw office. We are so thankful and proud of it. How much we appreciate, you can see, looking at a couple of our staff members who are with us since the beginning! 25 years… it seems like an old market, but not too old for new, beautiful, fun DIAMONDS! Yes, for the 25th anniversary we have received the best gift ever: Diamond level recognition of Marcin and Monika Maciejak.

It was such a great pleasure to see a young and enthusiastic couple achieving their dream level! Marcin and Monika ‘have attacked us with their positivity.’ This great celebration and Ray Keller, Diamond from the USA, as guest speaker made this WES just a perfect event. Ray Keller came back to basics, reminding us of values that all N21 leaders should not forget: to be a dreamer, to have a positive attitude and to remember that the best to can come is still waiting for us. Our Diamonds and above: Marek Bujwcki reminded us of our 25-year-old journey; Les Hetnal talked about the great possibility that comes from showing the Marketing Plan; and finally Darek Swiatkowski and Kasia Swiatkowska gave us some ideas for the future, how to lead a successful and healthy life.

So, this WES was full of memories but also a lot about the future and what a fantastic future we could see at the Blue Jeans Meeting.

N21 Poland would like to thank all Leaders who have built this market and who keep building this market! We are greatly looking forward to the next 25 years of Network TwentyOne!”

iReport: Emerald Forum & Go Diamond, October 5-8, 2017, Budapest, Hungary

While I love all N21 events, this one is very special to me. Seeing all these leaders in one place reminds me of the power of the system, of this business, and of having a dream. Thank you to all those who attended, taught, and are bringing even more with them to the next Emerald Forum and Go Diamond!

“Autumn brought not only a new season to the wonderful capital of Budapest, Hungary, but also the silvers and above leadership from 20 European countries to celebrate the new levels of success and to learn and have fun together.

This unforgettable leadership event started with the Diamond meeting…more than 100 Diamonds and above and more than 30 qualified Founder Emeralds in one room.

What an exceptional opportunity it was and always is to learn from Founder Diamonds David and Jules Dornan and Crown Ambassadors Hans and Eva Nusshold, among other outstanding leaders who shared their vision, wisdom, and knowledge. The Diamond meeting was followed by the Qualified Emerald and above meeting…just imagine an elegant venue with more than 280 qualified Emeralds and above. What a unique occasion it was to learn from the best of the best.

And then, the event all have been waiting for since 2014…Go Diamond Europe in the elegant Congress Center of Budapest  with over 1500 silvers and above! A venue filled with a sense of family, enthusiasm and a desire to learn and grow.

The speakers were remarkable, the recognition inspiring. We celebrated over 100 Platinum & Founder Platinum, 14 Emeralds, 5 Founder Emeralds, 2 Diamonds, 2 Founder Diamonds and 1 Double Diamond.

U35 and the second generation meetings gave fuel to the next generation of leadership who will provide new energy to the business in the upcoming years. Learning from David and Jules and Massimo Bini….what else is needed for young leaders to have momentum?

The event wasn’t just about learning and sharing experiences but we also enjoyed fabulous entertainment and everyone had fun. It truly was a once in a lifetime event in Budapest, Hungary.”

iReport: WLS Manila, October 21-22, 2017

Wow, what a weekend! New Diamonds… I’m on cloud 9 🙂 Huge congrats to them and all those recognized, I am so proud. I can’t wait to see what you achieve by the next WLS!

“Double Diamond Amgad Ghabrial along with many new Silvers, Platinums, and the debut of new Diamond achievers, were memorable milestones from the Philippine Weekend Leadership Seminar in October. ABOs from across the country converged in Manila where Gad, with his decades of wisdom and expertise in business, cast an exciting and powerful vision for the Philippine market.

Moreover, the Network 21 family welcomed its newest Diamonds Rene and Charina Jumilla who hail from the southern island of Mindanao. The lawyer and former public school teacher shared an inspiring journey marked by obstacles, but also by grit and a determination to pursue their dreams. Truly, a conference for many to remember!”

iReport: WES Baltics,Tallinn, October 20-22, 2017

A brand new diamond and a first for Lithuania- amazing!!! Thanks for this encouraging and motivating iReport, N21 Baltics!

“Tallinn WES was all about vision and achievements that follow it. Our guest speaker, Executive Diamond from India, Amit Sondhi, was an amazing speaker. He inspired people to move from vision into action using fantastic sense of humor. Amit made clear that “your goal is not to just come to the next WES, but to achieve something until the next WES” and people thinking this way, we could see a lot on our stage at this WES.

All levels are important, you always start with 3%, although it is such a great inspiration to see the highest levels such as Emerald, Founder Emerald and finally Diamond. We had a great pleasure to recognize the first N21 Diamond in Lithuania: Daiva and Arturas Ziukai. This beautiful couple had a speech about the Core Person on Sunday morning and it was great to hear how they have started: “today, we would like to tell you how to be recognized as Diamond.”

So, Be Core and we would love to celebrate your achievements at the next WES in Riga in February 2018!”

iReport: WES Bucharest, Romania October 20-22, 2017

Wow…Network 21 has been around for more than 25 years and we are still seeing new levels reached, innovation, and life-changing events! Just amazing. Congrats to everyone recognized, thank you to our speakers, and as the iReport says, “the future has never looked brighter!”

“The atmosphere was delightful both outside and inside Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest during the joint Romanian and Bulgarian Weekend Seminar in October, as the weather and collective mood were sunny all three days of this unforgettable event.

The first Leaders Meeting kicked off with the announcement of the N21 Mobile platform launch. The enthusiasm only grew as our very special guest, Founders Diamond from the USA David Dornan gave a spot-on speech about what people in the business need to GIVE in order to be true leaders. His connection to the people looking up to him (both literally and figuratively) serves as an example for something more than teaching – for mentorship. We also learned from the wisdom and experience of the “man with the VISION” himself, Crown Ambassador from Austria, Hans Nusshold. Spirits remained high on Saturday morning with David Dornan’s insights on the keys to success, and the panel of tomorrow’s young leaders and their VISION for the future.

The Dream Session was electric. We had recognitions for Apprentice Emerald and Founders Emerald. Hans Nusshold had a special guest himself: his youngest daughter, Nina Nusshold, who charmed everybody with her sincere and incredibly mature perspective on business and life. The highlight everybody was waiting for was the Founders Diamond recognition of our beloved Ildiko Gere. Emotions reached their peaks, tears and laughter bringing everybody together in celebration. The last session on Sunday morning was an opportunity for making decisions and setting goals for the next WES.

So that’s the October WES in Romania: 2 special guests, 2 countries, 2 generations, one VISION for a better life and a successful business. The future never looked brighter.”

iReport: North America Leadership Conference, September 8-10, 2017

North America hit it out of the park with this event! With so many truly amazing leaders in one room…why wasn’t I listed? 😉

” We had a memorable NALC thanks to our guest speakers, crowns Robert Angkasa and his wife Sonja Agustina! The weekend was jam-packed with amazing talks from our diamonds and above. We kicked Friday off with a meeting for Leaders Club and above. Robert delivered a special and detailed message to challenge our leaders. Our main event began at 8pm on Friday night with Jules Dornan leading the evening. We were captivated by Ray Keller’s story-telling, the powerful journey of Colombian diamonds Cesar Naranjo and Claudia Vecino, and the path to crown by Robert Angkasa.

The next day morning we were filled even more. We learned from Dave Dornan, Pete Matz, and Terry Andrews. Yes, all those incredible leaders in one session! Our evening session was inspiring. We enjoyed hearing about the dreams fulfilled of Robert and Sonja and Nancy Dornan, and the dreams on the way to being fulfilled by those who were recognized. We even got to celebrate new Platinums!

Sunday morning was the perfect end to the weekend and prepared us to go out with Vision for our business. Janos Demeter charged us to build it now, Steve and Laurie Jones taught us how to build the business as a couple, and Robert Angkasa closed NALC 2017 with practical takeaways.

We are fueled and ready to reach our goals set at this weekend, and to celebrate having reached them at our Winter Conferences in January! Head to our Facebook Page (@n21na) or Instagram (@network21na) for more pictures from the event.”

Global Mobile!

N21 just dropped an exciting press release! Check out the original here on the N21 corporate website, or read the content below. Can’t wait to see it roll out in each of your markets, you guys are going to love it 🙂

“Network TwentyOne Readies to Launch Mobile Technologies Globally

Release date: August 21, 2017

Capitalizing on the tremendous success of its digital platform and mobile apps over the last 2 years in both Australia/New Zealand and North America, Network TwentyOne is planning to expand its latest mobile technologies into 25 additional markets around the world beginning Q4 2017.

The launch markets include Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey and the Ukraine. All of these markets will benefit from a new and enhanced mobile platform capable of delivering both archived media as well as live events to subscribers via any internet enabled computer or smartphone/tablet.

‘By migrating to a ground up, purpose built, digital platform/mobile app eco-system, Network TwentyOne is able to offer new and exciting products and services to our hundreds of thousands of customers around the world and to do so in more convenient and less expensive ways. With an emphasis on meeting our clients’ needs where they are and with exciting and relevant training and support, Network TwentyOne is committed to driving inspiration and education through innovation’ said Adam T. Livingston, Chief Operating Officer for Network TwentyOne.”

iReport: Ukraine WES July 2017

Wow, it has been an amazing summer! And these two Ukrainian WES were no exception. Thank you for the tweetable quotes in your iReport as well 🙂

“Development and growth are the essence of life and they both depend on our ability to move. We celebrated it at two very up-beat and vibrant events, held on consecutive Weekends in Kiev, Ukraine, in July.

A true hit for us was to welcome legends in the Amway business – Skip & Susan Ross, Crown ABOs from the USA. Their profound wisdom will remain in our hearts and drive us towards our dreams and goals, and keep our dreams alive. In addition we were happy to have great guest speakers from Russia – Founders Diamonds, Elena Nemtsova, and Konstantin & Olesia Zolochevskiye. By their own examples, they made it clear that the Amway business is the best option in today’s world for those who want to live an inspiring life. Some of the statements from our guest speakers:

‘We do not use people to build this business, we use this business to build people.’ – Skip & Susan Ross.

‘If you have a desire to dream then you definitely have strength to make your dreams come true.’ -Elena Nemtsova.

‘Better your dream changes your life, than your life changes your dream.’ – Konstantin & Olesia Zolochevskiye.

During the weekend seminars there were exciting special promo offers as well as Amway expos. This experience filled participants with colorful impressions, while speeches delivered from the stage provided necessary knowledge, motivation and momentum in building the Amway business.

We are keen and ready to move to our next goal and celebrate achievements at the next WES! Hope to see you there!”

iReport: Russia WES

WOW. What more is there to say about this event?! N21 Russia knows how to create an amazing and memorable experience. Can I add those giant books to my shelf when you’re done with them? I think they’ll make me look really smart 😉

“2 events, 4 guest speakers, more than 12,000 visitors – this is what Network 21 Russia in numbers is about this summer. Founders Diamonds David and Jules Dornan – guest speakers at the Moscow WES – rocked the world of Russian IBOs giving a unique perspective of this hugely famous business. The clear love that they have for the Amway business brings its own integrity. Founders Crown Ambassador Hans Nusshold – guest speaker at Yekaterinburg WES – wonderfully communicated exciting statements to the audience. Founders Platinum Elena Rudyk, next generation representative of the LOS of Taras and Irina Demkura – special guest at Yekaterinburg WES – showcased an exceptional, groundbreaking perception of this business a young and success-striving Leader can have. The summer events were boisterous in what they had to offer outside the main arena – an XS workout right under the caressing rays of the morning sun; an open-air disco by the river with hundreds of IBOs dancing to dynamic beats in front of a flashing, dazzling stage; a concert of a popular Russian star; a number of photo-zones, the variety of which perfectly showed the agility of the business and the educational system. Can one imagine being on the front page of a “Network 21 Highlights” journal? Can one fancy to write down his goals or dreams on the pages of the most famous book in the library of Network 21? Can one fantasize being a small reader among gigantic books published by N21? Can one become a celebrity on a red carpet by a N21-Amway press-wall? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Various themes photo ops at the summer events added to loud and brilliant excitement which truly blew the audience across the venues and crackled with electric energy.”