iReport: WES 19-21 May in Tallinn, Estonia

It’s my favorite season- iReport season! Get ready for awesome updates of all the Weekend Seminars taking place across the globe. Thank you to our Baltic countries for being the first to send in an excellent iReport 🙂

What a fantastic event we had on this weekend in Tallinn. It was full of positive emotions and great knowledge. Our outstanding guest speakers ALEKSEY MAUTANOV and VERA ARHIPOVA, are such a warm, kind and professional people. It was a big honor for us to have them in Baltics. They created an amazing atmosphere, which we will remember for many years.

Vera Arhipova, FCA, has said: “Leave your excuse behind. We must do what’s right not what’s easy. Use your potential.“

Aleksey Mautanov, FCA: “Be an example in a real life – an example that you like to follow“

We thank all the leaders once again for 5 years of great cooperation and our big big congratulations to all new achievers.”


iReport: WES Hungary, Veszprém, March 24-26, 2017

What a seminar! How did you fit all that in one weekend?! Thank you to our guest speakers, Amway, and amazing ABOs for being there 🙂

Robert Angkasa.jpg“Our last spring Weekend Seminar in Hungary was now really in spring, on the 24-26th of March. At last we experienced nice, sunny weather in the town of Veszprém, and Arena Hall looked really tempting for the new business experience. We had a fantastic guest speaker, Robert Angkasa, a Crown from Indonesia. Robert Angkasa is a very kind, sporty man, who amazed the audience. His speeches were full of emotion, detailed teaching. He shared his valuable experience with precise techniques, and that gave the participants the message: decide and do it! We tried a very new way of speaking, as János Demeter, a Hungarian Founder Executive Diamond who lives in the US spoke at the Executive Leaders Meeting through Skype. It was perfect, and this way the audience could learn from his dedication and great leadership experience.

Beside the memorable guest speaker, also the local speakers – Irénke Némethné, our Double Diamond, Andrea Wolf Executive Diamond and our Diamonds and Emeralds and also the panel discussions brought refreshing momentum into the venue showing the second generation what Amway business and N21 system can bring to their lives. We had debuting speakers who also gave new aspects to the people. We celebrated our highest recognitions with new Pearl ABOs. We had a very attractive BSM shop where ABOs could select from our nice variety of choice. Amway has introduced to the Hungarian ABOs on stage the new G and H Personal Care Line, and SSD, the new XS application. Another successful seminar to focus on dreams and goals and on spring rejuvenation! See you in Debrecen at the Regional Conference in June!”


iReport: Russia WES February & March 2017

Here’s a recap of the spring weekend seminars in Russia! From St. Petersburg in February to four more cities in March, it’s been a busy season! Thanks for the great update 🙂

“Catching up with old friends and making some new ones and taking all of them to a Weekend-seminar in spring makes for a perfect launch-your-dreams-and-your-business season. The smooth vibe of the launch concept was present in every tiny detail of the events whether it is a spectacular opening act or a speech of the best and most versatile Leaders of Network TwentyOne. A fantastic introduction to the stunning world of N21, sustainable innovations of building the business with support materials, revelatory renditions of writing a list and inviting people, unveiled secrets of follow-up featured on spring WESs in Russia. The immense value of the seminars was heightened by guest speakers telling the stories of their lives through masterly crafted speeches, uncovering a remarkable depth of the business, encompassing aspects of team-work and accompanying their talks with a fantastically diverse selection of unadorned intimate examples. A real tour de force to inspire a takeoff phase for the business of IBOs all over Russia.”

iReport: Scandinavian WES January and February 2017

Two awesome weekends, two incredible speakers. Too good to be true 🙂

“What a start of 2017 we have had here in Scandinavia! First our amazing WES in Turku Finland 20-22 of January with the incredible Katalin Lovas. Then we had the privilege to have Amgad and Melissa Ghabrial at our WES in Västerås Sweden 10-12 of February. The atmosphere at both events was amazing. The speakers were just what we needed.

I have never seen the ABOs so fired up after a WES then they were this time. The theme Launch was at the right place at the right time.”

iReport: Kiev WES, March 24-26, 2017

I wasn’t available so they actually had to settle for the second strongest man in the world 😉 What an incredible weekend seminar. Thank you to our guest speakers and leaders! We appreciate how you lead, teach, and inspire 🙂

17553867_1481318188553502_2483148403185827228_n.jpg“WES in Kiev, 24-26 of March, showered its participants with bright emotions and inspiration. Everyone was invited to launch business to a new level of success! Be it interviews with young Leaders on effectiveness methods, writing down a list or making invitation with examples from personal experience; a round table on being a professional in this business or training from Leaders with the highest pin level on our market – Alexey Mautanov & Vera Archipova, F.C.A. and Amway Founders Council members, Igor’ & Valeriya Kharatin, F. C. and Amway Founders Council members – all contributed to the fabulous colorful seminar!

Big bonus of the program was Personality plus interview with participation of World’s Strongest Man, Vasiliy Virastyuk. We are grateful to our Guest Speakers for their example, energy and motivation: Amit Sondhi, EDC (India), and Boyko & Ina Parvanovy, Founder Platinum ABOs (Bulgaria). Mr. Sondhi deeply impressed us with his success story illustrating the power the Amway business has in making difference in one’s life. Boyko & Ina Parvanovy, young dynamic couple, talked about a Leader’s qualities, work ethic, and leading by example. Some of the WES central themes were system principles and using innovative technologies.

The quotes we would like to share with you from Amit Sondhi EDC (India):
‘We must go to the next level not for more money, but to set an example to our children.’

‘Only in a venue like this, one can appreciate the value of their success.’

We have launched towards success and now move forward to achieving our goals. See you at WES in Summer!”


iReport: Hellas WES February 2017

If the only thing you walked away with from this WES was the quote from Justin and Lauren, then it was worth it! But I know these ABOs got that and much more from this event. I am so encouraged hearing how everyone has Launched full force into 2017! This is going to be a big year, I can feel it 🙂

“Do you think that NASA was the one which made the launch of the weekend? Guess what? It wasn’t! Our first WES for 2017 made everyone talk about a great start. 

Everyone was there and everyone contributed to this success: the audience who set the tone; the amazing young Diamond couple Justin & Lauren Stern who shared with us their unique perspective for the business, their stories and their effective leadership; the leaders who were inspiring and ready to help us reach the stars.

Justin and Lauren Stern share with us a truly memorable quote: “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment, not the flower” and this was exactly what we tried to do! We cultivated the environment using up-to-date technology and effects, sending positive vibes and sharing our experience, in order to prepare the Hellenic market to gather its just bloomed flowers.

We have just LAUNCHed and now we are ready to MOVE among the stars in Thessaloniki for our summer WES. See you there ;)”

iReport: Indonesia WES March 11-12, 2017

Looks like this WES was another incredible one! To see more great pics from the event, check out N21 Indonesia on Instagram @n21indonesia. 🙂

“Indonesia Weekend Seminar was held 11-12 March 2017 in ICE BSD City Convention, also attended by many people from outside Jakarta who know they do not want to miss learning from our Guest Speaker. This time we have Dr. Nyoman Purwadi & Nurwiyatningsih, Diamond from Bali, and Frans & Esmeralda Silaen, Diamond from Jakarta. They shared their inspiring story, valuable experience for many IBOs in Indonesia.

Great events!!! 3 days of great sharing and learning experience for all of us, and finally we look forward to giving you the report on our next exciting WES Seminar.”

iReport: March 2017, Hot Seminar in Warm Antalya!

I love how a rainy weekend did not dampen the spirit of this weekend seminar! I can’t wait to see at the next event how this WES Launched you forward in your business. You guys rock, keep it up 🙂

“It was unlikely to have full rainy weekend in Antalya, but we did. But the people who filled WOW Kremlin Palace Resort on March 10-12 did not complain as they were all in the venue to listen to the wonderful speakers the whole weekend. Main speaker Diamond Katalin Lovas locked people on their seats with her story, with her experience and with her teachings. Besides her, Emerald Solin Sarajan also added value to this Turkish event with his deep knowledge and professional presentations.

The theme of the event was “Launch”, and we believe so many attendees decided to launch their business for the first time or again at the end of this seminar. We celebrated so many new achievements and at the top we had new Sapphires on the stage. We believe the colorful recognitions will invite more for the summer WES. If you were not there, please do not miss the opportunity of the next one, see your upline as soon as possible for more information!”

iReport: Southern Africa WES March 2017

This selfie booth is too cool! Why didn’t you guys submit my selfie? 😉 Thank you to Amway for such an exciting LAUNCH of new products, and thank you to all our speakers for helping us LAUNCH into our goals!

20170303_152041“Network TwentyOne Southern Africa experienced a very successful run of WES’s in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. We were blown away by our phenomenal guest speakers Tamsen Linnan and Amgad Ghabrial. The South African ABO’s found the speakers easy to relate to and we have had wonderful feedback on the powerful influence they had from stage. The LAUNCH theme was well received by all the ABOs attending and our LAUNCH Selfie Booth was a great hit with the attendees. We teamed up with Amway South Africa for the launch of the new Sports Nutrition range and ran a social media competition on Facebook. Amway was very generous to sponsor us not 1 but 2 Sport Nutrition Hampers consisting of the Pre workout, Post workout, Whey protein shake as well as the Amway Shaker bottle! We added in Network 21 branded leather notebooks, Network 21 pens and our newly launched XS CD tools. This created much excitement for ABO’s and was a great collaboration between N21 and Amway.

Our local leaders really stepped up to the plate and delivered fantastic to the point, educational talks. We are very excited to start prepping for our June / July WES run!”

iReport: Thailand WLS February 2017

I love iReports like this where you can feel the enthusiasm and gratitude. Is it time for the next WLS yet? 🙂

“What a way to kick off Thailand first WLS of the year with having Simom Thompson as our speaker! Simon got everyone fired up, talks after talks, people just can’t get enough of him. His talks were so powerful, remarkable and direct to the peoples’ heart. On Dream Night, we had a special guest from Amway to share insights on Digital Amway and how Amway is moving into the best technology with the mobile purchase & new application to better serve ABOs worldwide. Thanks to the Amway team for such resourceful updates and the freebies.

On top of that, we also heard from incredible local speakers such as Founder Double Diamond Dr. Porntip and Pongsak, Diamond Hieu from Vietnam and many local speakers sharing various experiences, vision and remarkable story that makes this another successful WLS! See you the next WLS in June.”