iReport: North America Winter Conferences January 2017

Our first iReport of 2017! And it’s a full one at that. Thank you North America for this encouraging update! How do you have so many amazing leaders in one country?!

Mobile Panel 3“We started 2017 strong with two incredible weekend seminars. In Atlanta, GA we had our East Coast Winter Conference with guest speakers emeralds Ben and Jani Physick! We learned a ton from this excited, wise, and growing couple. We were challenged and inspired by our other speakers: Kevin Sears, Ray Keller, Artistry trainer, Dave & Jules Dornan, Jerry & Sharyn Webb, and Bobbie Boyken. One week later we headed to California for our West Coast Winter Conference with guest speaker founders executive diamond János Demeter! He taught us so much through his story, goals, and passion. We learned and were motivated by our other speakers at the weekend: Jim Janz, Dave & Jules Dornan, Artistry trainer, Stuart Menn, Mike Wilson, Jake Funk, and Wade Simmons.

‘We all have to declare our intentions and this weekend is to decide what you’re going to do with this business.- Jim Janz

‘A small beginning is better than no beginning.’- R. D. Saunders

It is quite obvious that with this line up of speakers we are grateful for all they taught us! This Winter Conference helped us LAUNCH into the new year with focus, renewed vision, and community. We can’t wait to MOVE into Summer Conference and keep reaching our goals. We invite you to join us in May! Enjoy our pictures here, and visit our Facebook page for a lot more!”


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!

I can’t believe another year has flown by; 2016 was full of accomplishments by you guys. I’m so proud of the new levels achieved, new goals reached, and the many weekend seminars/BBS/previews that took place. Network 21 and Amway are never boring ;-)

Thank you for being a part of the N21 family and all you did and learned last year, big and small. I am excited for 2017, who knows what you will accomplish this year! I look forward to sharing even more iReports and fun along the way. As we launch into 2017…get ready to Launch at your local weekend seminar! Be sure to tell me on Facebook and Twitter what you learn this season at your WES and how you are Launching.


I know I didn’t post too much last year but I’ve been busy working on something really awesome. Let me repeat, really awesome :) Coming this year is mobile for all…stay tuned at!




iReport: Super Excitement in Antalya! November 2016 WES

The iReports are pouring in from an active autumn of WES around the world! Be inspired by the latest from our friends in Turkey:)

WES5.jpg“You may easily feel the positive atmosphere at the Mediterrenean coast in mid-autumn weekend not only because of the warm weather but also the warm excitement of the Turkish WES in Antalya. On Saturday morning, while some of the ABOs were attending an Amway workshop on the new product, Phyto2GO, some ABOs were waiting in the queue for blood donation which is the part of Turkish N21 Office “Do Something Day” project.

Diamond Ali Ghannadan made people cry at the end of his story when he named his brother in Iran. Diamond Elena Haroni did a great teaching during LC & Above meeting to invite those people to achieve 20+ VIP for the March WES. Local speakers tried to cast the audience’s “Vision” with their great presentations and the Panel attracted all attention again and locked people to the stage with interesting experiences of the participants.

The ones who missed this great event should consult to their uplines for the next one, in March 2017, in Antalya again!”


iReport: Athens – Hellas WES October 2016

Congrats to the new emeralds! The N21 family is very proud of you and your accomplishment. I hope to see more exciting recognition at the next WES now that the VISION has been cast :)

01 WES 10 2016 hellas Ray Keller“There are no words to describe a Weekend Seminar with the theme VISION, guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller and with a brand new Emerald recognition! Hellas is celebrating!

Our guests speakers Ray & Karla Keller were absolutely amazing! They managed to nail down all the attendees with their passion – eyes, ears, mind and hearts moved to the tone of “crazy beginnings”. The stories & the teaching that they have shared was talking straight to our hearts. The Hellenic leaders with their perspective and their vision set from the stage the weekend vibes.

And of course a lot of recognitions & the big recognition our new EMERALDS Loukas Adamopoulos & Anda Stathopoulou a strong VISION for everybody attending. The atmosphere was unbelievably fired up and very emotional!!!

What a unique journey! Unforgettable moments for all of us. You are invited to join next WES and be a part of an amazing life memory! Until next time …”

iReport: Russia Autumn WES

OK, you’ve convinced me: November in Russia IS a dream month! Thank you to all these incredible speakers and the team that puts on so many events. As the iReport says, N21 is the absolute best environment to be in :)

Guest Speakers“Would November sound like a dream month provided that you know there is a WES every weekend of the month? WES in Rostov-on-Don, WES in St. Petersburg, WES in Ekaterinburg, WESs in Novosibirsk and Kazan – this is what November in Russia looked like. What came across most forcibly was the exquisite selection of guest speakers: Founder Crowns from Ukraine Igor and Valeriya Kharatin, Executive Diamonds from India Amit and Arti Sondhi, Diamond from Philippines Ali Ghannadan, Diamond from Poland Les Hetnal and Founder Diamonds from Hungary Tibor and Piroska Torma.

Irresistible brightness and a glowing image of the Leader, evident love to the business, sublime quality of work coaxed an amazing range of resonant emotions. The programs of seminars were diversified by panel talks on various topics: the legacy of the business as a way to bring unity and harmony into one’s family life; big dreams, travel to new places, company incentives and generous rewards, charity with Amway and what not. Was not this a unique chance for the audience to hear a multifarious combination of Leaders speak about all shapes and sizes their way with Amway comes in? Infectious joy of Blue Jeans meetings and effortlessly entertaining speeches of young IBOs including those of a high pin who gave a Q&A session did have a warming effect on the audience during the last month of Russian autumn. Being immersed into Network TwentyOne environment… isn’t it just the best way to keep one warm, ignited, motivated and inspired?”

iReport: Kiev WES November 18-20, 2016

Sounds like an amazing weekend seminar full of wisdom, fun, and vision. I love these Blue Jeans meetings…you guys are too cool :) Thanks for the great pictures, I feel like I was there!

Venue.jpg“If you wanted to have a better VISION and get your Amway business charged with a fresh momentum, Kiev WES, November 18-20, 2016 was the best place for it. We are convinced that Amway business is the business of the 21st century! Huge gratitude to our Special Guest Speakers: Irenke Nemeth, Double Diamond from Hungary, and Elena Bardarska, Founders Platinum from Bulgaria.

Irenke taught how to build a team with new methods and gave examples from her own experience. The emotional impact of her speeches as well as her energy and charisma were remarkable! “Amway Business is an unlimited possibility for growth and development”, Irenke Nemeth, Double Diamond from Hungary;

Some other memorable quotes from other speakers:
“Only you decide with what thoughts you wake up. You define you life.” Vera Archipova, Founders Crown Ambassador from Ukraine;
“We should always invest in our education and into our self-improvement.” Irina Demkura, Crown Ambassador from Ukraine;
“It is important to remain in trend within Amway business and new technology.” Taras Demkura, Crown Ambassador from Ukraine;
“A dream mobilizes inner strength and helps overcome difficulties.” Valeriya Kharatin, Founders Crown from Ukraine during her interview with the First Ukrainian Astronaut Leonid Kadenyuk!
“You create your own future!” Igor’ Kharatin, Founders Crown from Ukraine;
“The world needs those who take responsibility for their lives.” Elena Bardarska, Founders Platinum from Bulgaria. Elena also sang her own song during Blue Jeans Meeting!

We witnessed bright recognitions, and listened with great interest to all the speeches and interviews held on stage filled with young and dynamic Leaders setting an amazing example for everybody’s motivation!”

iReport: South Africa National Convention November 4-6, 2016

I love the Vision chalk wall, what an excellent idea. We should all make sure to write down our vision for 2017! Great job South Africa :)

IMG_0984“What a wonderful weekend we had with Dave & Jules Dornan! Their talk was inspiring and gave us the lift we needed right before the holiday season. We also heard from many other speakers like Andrew Mackay, Basil Harris to name a few. Kennedy Chimfwembe, Platinum from Namibia had a standing ovation from the crowd. It was an uplifting weekend that gave us the extra boost we needed to get our business on track.

We have had many new recognitions, including new Founders Emerald Wouter & Sarette Dercksen, who shared their journey with us. It was awesome to see all the new levels reached and we’re proud of our achievers! We look forward to seeing David & Jules again in the near future!

Our theme was “VISION” which included a giant chalk wall that allowed everyone to write down their VISION for 2017 and it gave the rest of us inspiration to refocus on our own dreams. Thank you for making the weekend an unforgettable one!”

Do Something Day Beginning November 19, 2016

Join Network of Caring around the world by participating in Do Something Day! Here’s our own R.D. Saunders telling us what it’s all about.

Network of Caring is challenging all of Network TwentyOne’s affiliated business owners worldwide to take at least an hour of time to volunteer as a team to help others, sometime between Nov. 19 and Dec. 19. We are calling this event #DoSomethingDay. Our hope is that teams will serve to gather, capture pictures of their efforts, and send us those pics. We would like every LOS to be represented on the #DoSomethingDay video we will produce in January. Our people have incredible hearts and we want to put that heart on display for the whole world to see.

Find a way to make a difference, get your team involved, and hashtag your pictures #dosomethingday so we can find you!


iReport: WES 14-16 October 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia

Thank you to all these speakers for focusing on the importance of right thinking and right attitude; that’s how these diamonds got to be diamonds! Congrats to the new emeralds, we are excited for your future and proud of your hard work :)

1IMG_0655What a wonderful WEEKEND we had with amazing guest speakers Ray and Karla Keller, Diamonds from United States. They helped to create an amazing atmosphere and filled leaders with positive and encouraging energy. Hope you all got their VISION.

Some great advice from our WES speakers:

RAY KELLER: “Your mind gives you back that what you have put in it.”
KARLA KELLER: “This business is in your head. It is in your thoughts. When you understand it you will start to build a right thing.”

Toivo Rande, Founders Diamond from Estonia: “All important things in the world have been done thanks to enthusiasm or due to the lack of it.”
Vyacheslav Petkevich, Founders Diamond from Russia: “You need to create a right attitude to the things that will happen anyway.”
Susanna Hanelles, Diamond from Finland: “If someone wants to help you give him a chance.”

And one more time our big big congratulations to the NEW EMERALDS:
Algis and Guna Lukosjus

Valdis and Agnija Pelnens

iReport: India Convention – September 2016

Wow, those are some awesome new pin levels that were achieved! My favorite time at a weekend seminar is the recognition; I love watching ABOs excited, working toward and achieving their dreams! :)

Convention Speakers“The events we had last month were truly unforgettable! We were so lucky to have the most brilliant Guest speakers like Simon Thompson from Malaysia and our local favorites like Sushil & Rashmi Pachnanda, Amit & Arti Sondhi, Rajan & Prabha Warrier, Atul & Anjali Sondhi. All these amazing speakers provided so much motivation, inspiration and dynamics. Each speaker left a wonderful impact on the audience. We can feel the next wave of momentum on its way.

 We celebrated our recognitions with new Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Founder Emeralds. Along with these the new VIP 45+ and VIP 60+ added to the glitter of the recognition lineup. Such wonderful line of recognitions, fulfillment of dreams and focus on doing more and more is a perfect recipe for a successful seminar.

N21 Team wishes all the Leaders and Associates a very happy and prosperous Diwali.”