iReport: North America Leadership Conference, September 8-10, 2017

North America hit it out of the park with this event! With so many truly amazing leaders in one room…why wasn’t I listed? 😉

” We had a memorable NALC thanks to our guest speakers, crowns Robert Angkasa and his wife Sonja Agustina! The weekend was jam-packed with amazing talks from our diamonds and above. We kicked Friday off with a meeting for Leaders Club and above. Robert delivered a special and detailed message to challenge our leaders. Our main event began at 8pm on Friday night with Jules Dornan leading the evening. We were captivated by Ray Keller’s story-telling, the powerful journey of Colombian diamonds Cesar Naranjo and Claudia Vecino, and the path to crown by Robert Angkasa.

The next day morning we were filled even more. We learned from Dave Dornan, Pete Matz, and Terry Andrews. Yes, all those incredible leaders in one session! Our evening session was inspiring. We enjoyed hearing about the dreams fulfilled of Robert and Sonja and Nancy Dornan, and the dreams on the way to being fulfilled by those who were recognized. We even got to celebrate new Platinums!

Sunday morning was the perfect end to the weekend and prepared us to go out with Vision for our business. Janos Demeter charged us to build it now, Steve and Laurie Jones taught us how to build the business as a couple, and Robert Angkasa closed NALC 2017 with practical takeaways.

We are fueled and ready to reach our goals set at this weekend, and to celebrate having reached them at our Winter Conferences in January! Head to our Facebook Page (@n21na) or Instagram (@network21na) for more pictures from the event.”

Global Mobile!

N21 just dropped an exciting press release! Check out the original here on the N21 corporate website, or read the content below. Can’t wait to see it roll out in each of your markets, you guys are going to love it 🙂

“Network TwentyOne Readies to Launch Mobile Technologies Globally

Release date: August 21, 2017

Capitalizing on the tremendous success of its digital platform and mobile apps over the last 2 years in both Australia/New Zealand and North America, Network TwentyOne is planning to expand its latest mobile technologies into 25 additional markets around the world beginning Q4 2017.

The launch markets include Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey and the Ukraine. All of these markets will benefit from a new and enhanced mobile platform capable of delivering both archived media as well as live events to subscribers via any internet enabled computer or smartphone/tablet.

‘By migrating to a ground up, purpose built, digital platform/mobile app eco-system, Network TwentyOne is able to offer new and exciting products and services to our hundreds of thousands of customers around the world and to do so in more convenient and less expensive ways. With an emphasis on meeting our clients’ needs where they are and with exciting and relevant training and support, Network TwentyOne is committed to driving inspiration and education through innovation’ said Adam T. Livingston, Chief Operating Officer for Network TwentyOne.”

iReport: Ukraine WES July 2017

Wow, it has been an amazing summer! And these two Ukrainian WES were no exception. Thank you for the tweetable quotes in your iReport as well 🙂

“Development and growth are the essence of life and they both depend on our ability to move. We celebrated it at two very up-beat and vibrant events, held on consecutive Weekends in Kiev, Ukraine, in July.

A true hit for us was to welcome legends in the Amway business – Skip & Susan Ross, Crown ABOs from the USA. Their profound wisdom will remain in our hearts and drive us towards our dreams and goals, and keep our dreams alive. In addition we were happy to have great guest speakers from Russia – Founders Diamonds, Elena Nemtsova, and Konstantin & Olesia Zolochevskiye. By their own examples, they made it clear that the Amway business is the best option in today’s world for those who want to live an inspiring life. Some of the statements from our guest speakers:

‘We do not use people to build this business, we use this business to build people.’ – Skip & Susan Ross.

‘If you have a desire to dream then you definitely have strength to make your dreams come true.’ -Elena Nemtsova.

‘Better your dream changes your life, than your life changes your dream.’ – Konstantin & Olesia Zolochevskiye.

During the weekend seminars there were exciting special promo offers as well as Amway expos. This experience filled participants with colorful impressions, while speeches delivered from the stage provided necessary knowledge, motivation and momentum in building the Amway business.

We are keen and ready to move to our next goal and celebrate achievements at the next WES! Hope to see you there!”

iReport: Russia WES

WOW. What more is there to say about this event?! N21 Russia knows how to create an amazing and memorable experience. Can I add those giant books to my shelf when you’re done with them? I think they’ll make me look really smart 😉

“2 events, 4 guest speakers, more than 12,000 visitors – this is what Network 21 Russia in numbers is about this summer. Founders Diamonds David and Jules Dornan – guest speakers at the Moscow WES – rocked the world of Russian IBOs giving a unique perspective of this hugely famous business. The clear love that they have for the Amway business brings its own integrity. Founders Crown Ambassador Hans Nusshold – guest speaker at Yekaterinburg WES – wonderfully communicated exciting statements to the audience. Founders Platinum Elena Rudyk, next generation representative of the LOS of Taras and Irina Demkura – special guest at Yekaterinburg WES – showcased an exceptional, groundbreaking perception of this business a young and success-striving Leader can have. The summer events were boisterous in what they had to offer outside the main arena – an XS workout right under the caressing rays of the morning sun; an open-air disco by the river with hundreds of IBOs dancing to dynamic beats in front of a flashing, dazzling stage; a concert of a popular Russian star; a number of photo-zones, the variety of which perfectly showed the agility of the business and the educational system. Can one imagine being on the front page of a “Network 21 Highlights” journal? Can one fancy to write down his goals or dreams on the pages of the most famous book in the library of Network 21? Can one fantasize being a small reader among gigantic books published by N21? Can one become a celebrity on a red carpet by a N21-Amway press-wall? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Various themes photo ops at the summer events added to loud and brilliant excitement which truly blew the audience across the venues and crackled with electric energy.”

iReport: North America Lifestyle Event June 17-22, 2017

N21 North America has been doing this event since the 1990s! It has had, and continues to have, tremendous impact on goal setting, dream building, and memory making. Thanks for the update N21NA!

“Every two years we get to enjoy a Lifestyle event where we go somewhere special, have meetings and bring our families. This June 17-22, 2017 we went to Maui, Hawaii to the Hyatt Regency and had an AMAZING event! We kicked off the week with a fun reception by the ocean where we watched hula dancers, played games, and ate delicious food. Everyone was thrilled to be in paradise with their friends, family, and fellow ABOs!

Sunday morning our MCs Jerry & Sharyn Webb launched our first meeting. We learned from Bob Andrews, Wade Simmons, and had a unique audience-submitted question and answer session with Dave Dornan and Ray Keller! It was the perfect start to the week. Our next session was Tuesday evening where the ABOs came into the meeting room much more tan than they did on Sunday 😉 Today Chris & Melody Farrell were our MCs and we heard from Mike Wilson, twins Frances Halter and Ruth Moser, and had an excellent product panel.

We returned the next morning for our final session; it all went by too quickly! On Wednesday Steve & Laurie Jones were our MCs and we took many notes from Skip Ross, Jules Dornan, and Ray Keller. Every session was packed with fun, wisdom, inspiration, and training. And, being in Maui, we certainly made memories outside of the sessions as well! Our final day ended with a traditional Hawaiian Luau that was exciting, entertaining, and the best we’ve ever seen.

We are grateful for these events and the opportunity for our families to be around the incredible N21 environment. We are already counting down the days to Lifestyle 2019! Visit our Facebook/Instagram Page @n21na or search #n21takesmaui #hyattmauilifestyle17 on Instagram for fantastic pictures!”

iReport: Turkey WES July 7-9, 2017 – Seminar For Growth!

This post fires me up! There is nothing I love more than an amazing weekend seminar. Or an incredible guest speaker. Or excitement to bring more people to the next WES. I can’t pick, let’s just say I love everything about this post 😉

“What a wonderful presentation we had at our summer WES in Istanbul on July 07-09. It was a new venue and this helped people to renew their attitude during the event. The success stories showed the audience that there are ABOs among them who are running for their goals and having great success. The teachings on two days built a great belief that the success is just next to them if they work in the system and build little steps. One of the Founders Diamonds promised to the audience to prove the success of this strategy until November WES, and the guest speaker Executive Diamond Amit Shondi showed them “buying the next WES ticket does not help growth, but buying one more for another person to bring to the next event does.”

One of the leaders chatted with his friend saying, “I wish I brought more people if I knew the event would be like that…”
Go and see your upline as soon as possible if you do not say “I wish…” in November!”

iReport: CERC Hungary, Debrecen, June 16-18, 2017

I love how Network TwentyOne brings people from seven different countries together! This seemed like a powerful seminar. I can’t wait to see what MOVEment comes from this 😉

“The nice sunny days of middle June presented us a wonderful event in Hungary. The already very familiar town of Debrecen was the location again of the Central European Regional Conference. The sunlight was spotted with rain, so people loved to stay inside and listen to the best speakers. Seven countries together: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. 5000 people, all of them eagerly waiting for the guest speakers.

Our very famous guest speaker, the Founders Crown Ambassador from Australia, Peter Cox, MOVE-d the audience to their next level. He is an extremely dynamic person, very powerful, gets the attention of the audience of all ages, and shakes them up. His enthusiasm is contagious and people are fired up after listening to him.

We had a surprise guest speaker from outside the organization, a psychologist from Germany, Dr. Claudia Enkelmann. She is an author of best-sellers, a powerful and yet funny speaker, who brought laughter into the venue, and very, very deep realizations at the same time for not only business, but also all fields in life.

On many levels there were new achievers, Pearl was the higher pin this time. We recognized two couples who reached the Apprentice Emerald level.

Amway did a very colourful display of the products, to show people the wide range of possibilities in this business. There was a display and a speech on the new G&H products. On Sunday morning Scott Coon from Amway held a special meeting and introduced the SSD program.”

iReport: Hellenic WES June 2017

Our Hellas team had some fun with this iReport! They had me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait for the next report about the October WES!

“Do you have time for a GOOD story? 🙂 Here you go…

This year for Hellas started with a goal that we set last October! For this cause we started a new journey. First stop was February WES in Athens were we set the parameters, we drew the travel on the map and we launched the dream vehicle! Four months later it was time to refill the dream vehicle with powerful fuel, re-mapping and re-planning the journey because there are many miles ahead.

Second stop WES in Thessaloniki!

It’s Friday and all the visionary passengers disembarked to headquarters Vellidis Congress Center. The Captain Leader is here! He enters headquarters through visionary leaders who are ready for his guidelines. Huge digital screens, lights, videos and everything on the MOVE waiting for him! He starts talking and the powerful fuels started to fill the dream vehicle, just like that! So decided and confident, the Captain took the heart of  all the passengers from his first look. He knows exactly what to say, he knows what they need! He knows…

Saturday morning and you can understand that all the passengers are in the right place! There is a general MOVE in headquarters. You can see it everywhere you look, either on a face, bag, t-shirt, screen…everywhere! Leaders from all around of Hellas are not the same since last night. Some of those Leaders from Crete, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Halkida, Corfu, Drama, and Athens had vital information needed for the next journey and as dedicated leaders gave their wisdom in the best way for the next two days! Saturday morning and the Captain with his life valuable co-captain partner enters headquarters Vellidis Congress. The level of their wisdom is huge! So confident and trusted from everyone. They both know the way! They have driven the miles again and again. They are the best choice to push everyone and the dream vehicle to the right MOVE! The powerful fuels have filled the dream vehicle. We need someone to start the MOVE now! To start driving the miles…

Saturday night and the dream vehicle starts the engine, a Rockstar with his group enters. He is so decided, so powerful, nothing can stop him! The engine is getting hot and the Rockstar Coxey and the night riders start to drive the miles! It’s massive now. He starts driving for one more time! They believe him because he knows…

Sunday and the dream vehicle is already on the MOVE! Everyone is in, everyone believes, and everyone trusts. Everyone knows because the Captain & Co-captain Peter & Debbie Cox proved for so many years that knows how to move a market to a better version of herself!

Next stop Athens…until October we wish you another extraordinary journey!”

iReport: June 2017 Weekend Leadership Seminars – Cebu & Manila

I am so excited to share the latest from the Philippines with you! How cool to celebrate 20 years in the market with a WLS in a new city and incredible teacher like Mike Wilson. Thanks for the update N21 Philippines!

“What’s the difference between successful business owners and those who struggling to get results? According to Mike Wilson, a Diamond for over 39 years, the difference-maker is having a professional commitment. ‘Most people think what they lack is skill,’ he adds, ‘but what you really have to change is your mindset. My role this weekend is to make you think differently about the business.’

His message struck home with hundreds of ABOs who attended the Philippine Weekend Leadership Seminars last June 10 and 11 in Cebu City (the first-time ever for Network21) and Manila last June 17 and 18. Opening to festive dance performances, and filled with exciting recognition, the WLS highlighted achievements past and present in a market celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Sharing brilliant business insights alongside his trademark philosophical approach to leadership, Mike Wilson challenged participants to dismantle their fears and wrong assumptions. ‘If you have clarity – a clear picture of your dreams, and what you need to do in order to achieve them,’ explains the former tennis coach, ‘then nothing can stop you.’ “


iReport: North America Summer Conferences

I am always amazed at how many awesome leaders they have in one room! But most importantly, I need to know more about this Lifestyle 2017 trip 😉 I feel another iReport coming soon! Thank you for a great recap and pictures N21NA.

HealthPointe 5“We had a busy month of May with not one, but TWO weekend seminars. Our first kicked off May 5th in Atlanta, Georgia with guest speaker Crown Bob Andrews! He unpacked what the Network TwentyOne system is and left us empowered, grateful, and with solid understanding. We had many incredible speakers throughout the event including: Mike Wilson, Dave Dornan, Nutrilite, HealthPointe panel, Sharyn Webb, Nancy Dornan, R.D. Saunders, Pam Deaton, and Andrew Mackay! I think it is obvious that we walked away filled from that WES.

Two weeks later we headed to Southern California at the Hotel Irvine for our West Coast Summer Conference. We learned a ton from our guest speaker, emerald Joe Andary from Australia! It was a treat to learn from this dynamic and growing leader. As always, we had a packed lineup this WES: Beverly Sallee Ophoff, R.D. Saunders, Dave Dornan, HealthPointe panel, Steve Jones, Clarke Broome, Mike Wilson, Jeff Applebaum, and Teri Simmons!

We enjoyed celebrating new pin levels and the winners of our Momentum Challenge. We are thrilled with everyone’s success, and excited to have given away two trips to Maui, Hawaii to our Lifestyle 2017 event!

Check our Facebook page @N21NA for slideshow videos from both events. We are looking forward to our North America Leadership Conference in September and hope everyone will be there as we dive into VISION!