Jim Dornan – Live Video this Friday!

Ok so check this out guys… As you may know, Jim Dornan is a pretty tough guy to track down. As luck would have it I am going to be in Istanbul, Turkey this Friday during Jim’s meeting with the Turkish Silvers and above.

So I got to thinking it would be cool if we could do a live video webcast for a few minutes with Jim just before he goes up to speak and maybe even a few minutes into the Silvers meeting.

So mark your calendars for Friday, March 26 at 8:00 pm (+- 5 min) Istanbul, Turkey

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n21guy Stars in Another Product Promo Video

Those guys (and gals) at Network TwentyOne North America are so clever… check out this product promotion video from the Network TwentyOne North American Seminar in Anaheim, California staring your favorite and lovable “virtual do-er of good”. I think they shot me from my best side …

Look for many of these products coming to your markets in the coming months!

Behind the Scenes of the Miss America with ARTISTRY®

So like …. wow … what can I say, I absolutely love this video of behind-the-scenes footage of some of the contestants using their ARTISTRY® cosmetics. Caressa Cameron, a 22-year-old journalism student from Virginia, outshone 52 other contestants to become Miss America 2010. And a proud endorser of ARTISTRY® skin care and cosmetics.

Caressa was introduced to the ARTISTRY brand with the other contestants prior to the competition, when each received a selection of products and information about the brand.

Throughout her reign as Miss America, Caressa will also serve as proud endorser of ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics. As

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N21 North American Seminar Highlights

Check out this video slice from the North American Seminar in Anaheim, California last month … compliments of those smart folks @N21NA.

Jim & Nancy Dornan 50 FAA Points Recognition Video

Check out this new Recognition video put together by Amway for Jim & Nancy  Dornan’s 50 FAA ponits achievement. Right on J&N… what a great example and inspiration!

N21’s Fernando Foundation Power Soccer in the News

Well as many of you know … the Fernando Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting Power Soccer and was founded by Jim & Nancy Dornan of Network TwentyOne …  it looks like “our team” has made the global press once more with a story recently being run about them on CNN … Pika (the feisty little french man) and Dakota both play on the same team as the Dornan’s son Eric … très bien mes amis!!!

Enjoy and enlightening video about a great sport filled with wonderful achievers!

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Network TwentyOne Founders’ Charitable Work Continues…

OK, so this is very cool and worth sharing. As you may know, the founders of Network TwentyOne, Jim & Nancy Dornan, have been committed to “giving back” and helping others for many years. In fact, one could say that what motivates them most is to find ways to give back. In the coming months we’ll get a chance to see more of this and give an opportunity for Network TwentyOne affiliated business owners around the world to share in and even be a part of the many global outreaches that the Dornan’s support.

One passion of the Dornan’s

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Next Generation Dornans Featured on Forbes.com

North American Founders Emeralds David & Jules Dornan have just been featured in a special section of Forbes.com titled Inspirational Entrepreneurs spotlighting successful business leaders from various markets.

Way to go David & Jules and the entire North American Network TwentyOne leadership team for the inspiration you give and the example you set.

For more information and to check out David & Jules’  video interview simply go to Forbes.com/inspire

A Special Message from John Tesh

Too cool … just pulled this from those crafty Network TwentyOne North America guys.

Here is the back story … John Tesh was scheduled to apear and perform at our North American Leadership Conference in Washington, DC last month… at the last minute he injured his back and had to cancel. In addition to offering to make up the gig John cut this video… dig the rap! Also notice how John closes his video … you think maybe John and I have been hangin’ or what?

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North American Leadership Conference in DC

I snagged this from the N21 North American team while they were busy developing some new tools … nice work amigos!