Global Mobile!

N21 just dropped an exciting press release! Check out the original here on the N21 corporate website, or read the content below. Can’t wait to see it roll out in each of your markets, you guys are going to love it 🙂

“Network TwentyOne Readies to Launch Mobile Technologies Globally

Release date: August 21, 2017

Capitalizing on the tremendous success of its digital platform and mobile apps over the last 2 years in both Australia/New Zealand and North America, Network TwentyOne is planning to expand its latest mobile technologies into 25 additional markets around the world beginning Q4 2017.


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Thinking Outside of the Box… The Evolution of Technology with Network TwentyOne

OK, if you have spent any time reading through my blog you already know I am an outside of the box kind of thinker… sassy, unconventional and always looking at new ways to improve on things throughout the world of Network TwentyOne. What makes this kind of fun is that, well… I know people. Smart people, important people and I from time to time I get the chance to share my ideas with them… and occasionally they are even interested. Best of all, in these conversations, I learn what those smart Network TwentyOne people are up to around the world

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N21 Products coming to iPhone???

Hey guys … just walked past the ultra secret Network TwentyOne labs where all of there coolest technology is developed … things like our iPhone app, micro websites and stuff… actually it is where I was born as well. Anyway, since I am in some strange way a sibling of the “techies”, they tend to share some of their best beta projects and ideas with me and this latest one seems very sweet indeed.

Turns out those smart lads in the tech lab are developing the ability to subscribe to N21 Monthly CEP CD programs via your computer (Macs, PCs

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Jim Dornan – Live Video this Friday!

Ok so check this out guys… As you may know, Jim Dornan is a pretty tough guy to track down. As luck would have it I am going to be in Istanbul, Turkey this Friday during Jim’s meeting with the Turkish Silvers and above.

So I got to thinking it would be cool if we could do a live video webcast for a few minutes with Jim just before he goes up to speak and maybe even a few minutes into the Silvers meeting.

So mark your calendars for Friday, March 26 at 8:00 pm (+- 5 min) Istanbul, Turkey

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Looking Back On 2009

Inevitability as we head into a new year we are drawn to reflect on the year just passed. Often this reflection takes the form of soul searching for areas of failure or short comings which gives birth to a series of resolutions for the new year. But seeing as I’m an upbeat guy committed to spreading “N21 Sunshine” … I’ll just touch on some of the major highlights of the year… feel free to share yours as well!


2009 was a landmark year if for nothing else … it was the year I was “born”. It has

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Rumors Confirmed About New N21 European Product

I have been hearing rumors over the last several weeks about a new CD being developed by Network TwentyOne Europe for the European N21-ers … The CD contains a flash version of almost every European Market’s Marketing Plan (excluding the UK and Russia) … too cool! Available at next week’s Go Diamond in Budapest I hear… and then later in the month available in each market through normal sales and distribution channels.

Screen shot of the actual application showing all markets contained in the application below:

Also hear that a web based version of this application is in the works

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What’s Up with Network TwentyOne & n21guy

Ok, finally after months of speculation … I am “coming out” for all to see. No more guessing, its time I stand up and be counted as the unofficial ambassador of all things “tech & cool” in Network TwentyOne.

Check out the video below to see some of the new “tech stuff” and to see my cameo appearance to the global Network TwentyOne family.

Network TwentyOne launches 1st iPhone/iTouch App

Today marks quite an accomplishment for Network TwentyOne as they officially launch their very first iPhone/iTouch application for Network TwentyOne affiliated Business Owners around the world.

Included in this application are 2 videos (We’re Not Guessing & 20 Years of Significance) as well as an EDC and above Profiles iBook and of course… a link to the iPhone/iTouch version of this website. I just downloaded and installed the app and it is pretty cool.

One point to keep in mind is that because of the application file size being over 10 Mb, the iTunes app store requires that you download

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So, hard at work on mobile editions of … have a new iPhone enabled mobile site and also one for BlackBerry and other Smart Phones.

The iPhone has more functionaly and looks nicer (of course) but the BlackBerry/Smart Phone version works just fine. The features of the website are “auto sensing” so you may simply visit from your favorite mobile device and let me know what you think.

More on the N21 iPhone App


OK, this has begun to cause quite a stir so I did a little more digging. Here is a screen capture from the actual iPhone app. Two videos and a Profiles of Success e-book for $0.99 … seems like a smokin’ deal to me.

Also, here is the second video, 20 Years of Significance that will be in the application … Very cool indeed!


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