GENEROSITY – Beverly Sallee Ophoff

Beverly at her best in this month’s Amway Achieve magazine. The Amway Generosity Hero Award presentation at the Business Meeting last December was an inspiring IBO favorite. Beverly’s story is a confirmation of her IBO spirit and why she choose the Amway business.

Way to go Beverly … on behalf of Network TwentyOne we praise your efforts!!

Oh and sorry I “jacked” your video Amway … please change your JWPlayer settings on the Achieve website to allow embedding videos 😉

New Network TwentyOne Platinums Featured on Achieve Magazine

Here is a quick Shout Out from Cale and Aura Andrew, North American Saphire’s on their new Platinum… great job Wenzy & Luz, an amazing achievement and an inspiring story. Check out their story by clicking the link below!

Attention North American IBOs … Time to Vote – Again

Hey guys … for all of you North American Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs … we have one more election this year to cast our votes in…and do it quickly because voting ends this Friday at midnight.

Aura Andrews

In this year’s Amway Talent Contest, there are not 1 but 2 amazing Network TwentyOne Leaders who have made it to the top 10 semi-finalists… and it is now our job to vote them in to the top 3 finalists … Aura Andrews from Florida and Ron & Dinah Stokes from California.

The top three finalists will perform at Achievers

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David & Jules Dornan – N21 Diamonds Spotlighted in Achieve

No additional comments from n21guy needed … second generation Dornans rock!!!

Network TwentyOne Spotlighted for Haiti Support in Achieve Magazine

Well we seem to be on a roll this month… with an emphasis on givin

g to those less fortunate … first with the Budapest flood and now with heads up on the work that Network TwentyOne and it’s charitable subsidiary, Network Of Caring, were recently recognized for by Amway Corporation. You guys rock!!!

Recently in Amway’s Achieve magazine, Network TwentyOne was spotlighted for their work done to assist in aid relief to those who suffered from Haiti’s devastating earthquake earlier this year. Inspired by the leadership of Network TwentyOne’s founders Jim and Nancy Dornan… orchestrated by Network Of Caring’s

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New Triple Diamonds from Australia, Angie Somers and Carl Nilsson

Hey guys, since I count myself as close personal friends with Angie and Carl, I’m on their “Shout Out” email distribution list … cool huh? Anyway what’s even cooler is the fact that last month Angie and Carl were recognized for achieving Triple Diamond!!! Here is their announcement as I thought you would all enjoy a great message of achievement from a classy couple! Want to offer them congratulations? Simply click here to leave a comment.

“Hi Friends,

We have some exciting news we would love to share with you!

Yesterday we received the phone call from Michial Coldwell,

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A Big “Thank You!” From David & Jules Dornan

Hi everyone!

I had great intentions of individually writing everyone back as I felt you each so deserved that.  You have touched my heart with your words.  The timing of all these “Congrats” email messages has been perfect since Dave was in California at our Summer Conference and I was home unable to go due to the pregnancy.  How strange to miss my first weekend seminar as a diamond!  I have felt so loved and applauded these last weeks as the email messages continued to come in.  As they continued, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to reply

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Special Congratulation from Jim & Nancy Dornan

Dave and Jules Dornan ….New Diamonds!

We all know that when anyone in our Network 21 family becomes a Diamond, it is special. As the parents of New Diamonds we are so excited to celebrate and share the news of the Dave and Jules latest achievement with all of our friends and partners around the world. What a special moment this is!

After five years of focused effort, sacrifice, life (newly married, raising their first child and expecting baby #2, “driving the miles”) and under the lights of the Dornan name and visibility; this is a truly amazing

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This Month In Achieve Magazine

OK, so from time to time I’ll bring you Network TwentyOne Leadership spotted in Amway’s North American publication Achieve.

Very cool … check out the Dornan’s 50 FAA point section and the Parting Words from Bob Andrews as the outgoing Chairman of the IBOAI.

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N21 Staff, Family and IBOs Help Raise Over $3,000

The Fernando Foundation netted more than $3200 for power soccer in the Baker of the Day fundraiser at Great Harvest Bread Co. near the headquarters of Network TwentyOne in Duluth GA. Several Network TwentyOne staff and their family as well as IBOs in the area came to support the event by working behind the counters for the day and by buying some of the delicious bread. Thanks to all who made it such a great day! With these proceeds, the Fernando Foundation will be able to fund all the registration fees of two teams for the national tournament in June

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