Need a Little Inspiration?

Feeling like it is tough to get some momentum? Maybe you feel like you are not properly equipped, too old or maybe you think your market has been open too long and that there are just no more opportunities? Dr. n21guy knows just what to prescribe for your “perspective-itis”. Check out new Gold Producers Art and Ginnie Lang (90 and 92) who are building their Amway business in North America (a 50+ year old market).

Ailment: Perspective-itis

Treatment: The below video

Dosage: Watch and share this video as needed to combat the effects of a bad attitude and/or a negative

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Exclusive – Kurt Warner Branching Out?

Ok guys, I stumbled on this amazing video today that pretty clearly shows my close friend Kurt Warner is planning on taking his career in a new direction. Pretty amazing stuff and glad we could bring it to you here exclusively on

For you all of you outside of the USA, click here for some additional information about Kurt Warner, the man, the myth, the legend.

Amway Spotlights Network TwentyOne’s Network Of Caring

IBOs in South Africa Deliver a Wheelchair

Many of you will remember when Amway recognized the work of Jim and Nancy Dornan and Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway IBOs/ABOs last April with their write up about Power Soccer and the Fernando Foundation. Well Amway has once again taken notice of the amazing work and generosity of Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs/ABOs from around the world with a new write up on Network Of Caring. For those of you who may not have heard, Network Of Caring is the charitable organization created by Jim and Nancy Dornan in partnership with Network TwentyOne

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Network TwentyOne Celebrates New Emeralds in the Slovak Republic

Congratulations to Andrea a Ivan Kartáčovci. Portraits of a consistent and positive work ethic combined with persistence… as Mitch Sala would say, “It’s predictable”. 😉

“The Amway business was introduced to us as a young family, soon after high school. With two little children, a small rented apartment and joint income of about $100 per month. We knew that our life certainly could not stay this way. We longed to work together, but we wanted a business and not just work, so that we could organize our time to working hours that suited our needs. We wanted to have the

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2012 – Another Record Breaking Year For Amway

Ka-boom… the numbers are in – Amway rocked another year! I’d like to think that much of their success in 2012 was due to my diligent efforts … and of course the hard work of tens of thousands of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Business Owners around the World. Way to go people … you are part of something very successful and growing!

Click on this link to check out the Amway 2012 Year in Review Video

Below are some of the amazing Facts & Figures listed in Amway’s video:

$11.3 Billion in Sales Sales Increased 12 of the Last 13

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We Have A Winner! Announcing the Title of John C. Maxwell & Jim Dornan’s Latest Book

Ok guys, I told you we were having a contest to to name John & Jim’s new book and you came through for me. Some really great suggestions from so many of you via this blog, Twitter, Facebook and even a few of you tracked me down and passed me a note… well done. The winning title Geared for Growth – 10 Principles for Reaching Your Potential came to us via a North American IBO who wishes to remain anonymous. I can certainly respect that … great minds think alike 😉 . So, a pair of tickets to our upcoming

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iReport – Nutrilite Miles Marathon – WES in St. Petersburg, 26/6/11

I am getting tired just reading this… I would have participated but I only have no body or legs 😉 I love the fact that Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway ABOs have such a balanced approach to building their business, helping others and living a healthy lifestyle.

“Think globally. Run ‘city-ly’. Health is not a mere word. Neither is it just a motto. It is a value promoted by a great many people. It was proved during a city marathon in St. Petersburg ‘Nightless nights’, a part of which was the Amway marathon ‘Nutrilite Miles’. The most united of all, ABOs

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Shout Out – More Amazing Leadership in the Ukraine!

A special shout out to Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Crowns Igor and Valeriya Kharatin for their dedication to supporting Ukrainian children’s sports development. Through their charity “Kharatin Family Fund” and in coordination with the Ukranian Children’s Football (soccer for you Americans) Club, Igor and Valeriya we able to organize and obtain Amway/Nutrilite sponsorship for the 5th Annual International Children Football tournament held in Mukachevo, Ukraine.

In the five years the tournament has run, several thousand children from throughout Eastern Europe have participated. In 2011 over 60 teams participated, 1200 young football players, from the ages of 9 to 14 year

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Frank Luntz Comments on Amway

Frank Luntz on Amway by n21guy for network twentyone


Ok guys so check this out …Although this is primarily focused on North America, the points and messaging apply to Amway Independent Business Owners around the world.

Below is a portion of a pretty cool interview with New York Times best selling author and top pollster Dr. Frank Luntz (see his full biography below) had on the Michael Medved radio talk show on March 16, 2011. In this portion of the interview Frank touches on some of the many qualities that make both Amway as well as Amway’s Independent Business Owners so great and such an economic powerhouse

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GENEROSITY – Beverly Sallee Ophoff

Beverly at her best in this month’s Amway Achieve magazine. The Amway Generosity Hero Award presentation at the Business Meeting last December was an inspiring IBO favorite. Beverly’s story is a confirmation of her IBO spirit and why she choose the Amway business.

Way to go Beverly … on behalf of Network TwentyOne we praise your efforts!!

Oh and sorry I “jacked” your video Amway … please change your JWPlayer settings on the Achieve website to allow embedding videos 😉