Preview of new iPhone App Video

I was at the Network TwentyOne Corporate offices yesterday and one of the “tech boys” slipped me a copy of this video. This is one of the 2 videos that is going to appear in the new iPhone/iTouch application scheduled to launch next month.

From what I hear this will also be incorporated into the North American Network TwentyOne website redesign that is scheduled to go live next month as well.

Appears to be a position piece for Network TwentyOne … I like it! Edgy and upbeat … what do you think?

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n21guy Launches New Website!

Whew!!! With everything going on the last few months … it was hard to spend time on this site but finally, here it is. Of course it is not perfect, more like a work in progress, but a good starting point to work from. There is a lot going on here so for those of you who are new to the party (those who have not been following me on Twitter or FaceBook) you may want to get a brief heads up as to what I’m all about here.

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