Global Mobile!

N21 just dropped an exciting press release! Check out the original here on the N21 corporate website, or read the content below. Can’t wait to see it roll out in each of your markets, you guys are going to love it 🙂

“Network TwentyOne Readies to Launch Mobile Technologies Globally

Release date: August 21, 2017

Capitalizing on the tremendous success of its digital platform and mobile apps over the last 2 years in both Australia/New Zealand and North America, Network TwentyOne is planning to expand its latest mobile technologies into 25 additional markets around the world beginning Q4 2017.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!

I can’t believe another year has flown by; 2016 was full of accomplishments by you guys. I’m so proud of the new levels achieved, new goals reached, and the many weekend seminars/BBS/previews that took place. Network 21 and Amway are never boring 😉

Thank you for being a part of the N21 family and all you did and learned last year, big and small. I am excited for 2017, who knows what you will accomplish this year! I look forward to sharing even more iReports and fun along the way. As we launch into 2017…get ready to Launch

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Global Leadership App

Have you heard about the incredible new app?! We released it at Drive 2015 to all of our emerald and above leaders, but now it is in app stores and available for you! It’s a digital and brand new version of the Profiles of Success books we used to have. We’re keeping up with the times 😉

I am so excited about this app because you can read about and see pictures of all N21’s diamond and above leaders across the GLOBE. Download it now. You can thank me later!


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News Flash!!! New Contest To Name John Maxwell and Jim Dornan’s New Book!

Ok, how cool is this. Some of you may have heard that world renowned author, Dr. John C. Maxwell has teamed up once again with our very own Jim Dornan (world renowned author in his own right) to bring us another book designed specifically for you! You may remember, John and Jim jointly authored Becoming a Person of Influence back in the late 90’s and they have joined forces once more to bring you an in depth look at how to reach your potential in life. Who better to teach this topic than two of the world’s premier speakers/teachers/mentors on

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Network TwentyOne & Network of Caring Respond to the Japanese Earthquake

As all of you know, the suffering in Japan from the recent 9.0 earthquake and following tsunami is almost unimaginable and the needs are so very real. As a global organization, we have an opportunity to give, impact and save lives through our generosity. Therefore, Network TwentyOne’s charitable arm, Network Of Caring, has partnered once again with one of our global charitable allies, World Vision, to raise funds for the victims of the Japanese earthquake.

If you would like to be part of this worldwide drive to change and save lives, click here to learn more at the Network Of

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New Article on CBS Money Watch Site – Why You Should Join Amway

Check out this great article by Robert Pagliarini who writes for CBS Money Watch. Robert is no slouch either as he is a Certified Financial Planner™ has a master’s degree in financial services and is the president a wealth management firm recently ranked one of the top in the United States.

While nothing too shocking about what Robert proclaims in his article, many of us will certainly be nodding our heads in agreement as we read it… and it always nice to see some positive press about Network TwentyOne’s founder Jim Dornan from an impartial person with insight and credibility.

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Looking Back On 2009

Inevitability as we head into a new year we are drawn to reflect on the year just passed. Often this reflection takes the form of soul searching for areas of failure or short comings which gives birth to a series of resolutions for the new year. But seeing as I’m an upbeat guy committed to spreading “N21 Sunshine” … I’ll just touch on some of the major highlights of the year… feel free to share yours as well!


2009 was a landmark year if for nothing else … it was the year I was “born”. It has

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New Page on Spotlighting the Dornans

So, I got to thinking … lot’s of people come here of course to learn more about me and my exciting life as the “virtual ambassador” of Network TwentyOne, frankly, who can blame them. But there are a number of people who would like to keep up to date with the fearless leaders of Network TwentyOne, Jim & Nancy Dornan as well.

To that end I have set up a new page on called The Dornans Spotlighted. And what better way to kick off a focus on the Dornan’s achievements than to bring you the the latest article written

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More from Achievers in Orlando, FL – USA

Rumors Confirmed About New N21 European Product

I have been hearing rumors over the last several weeks about a new CD being developed by Network TwentyOne Europe for the European N21-ers … The CD contains a flash version of almost every European Market’s Marketing Plan (excluding the UK and Russia) … too cool! Available at next week’s Go Diamond in Budapest I hear… and then later in the month available in each market through normal sales and distribution channels.

Screen shot of the actual application showing all markets contained in the application below:

Also hear that a web based version of this application is in the works

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