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Really… n21guy? Who are you and what’s your game?

I’m just a simple “virtual” guy with some amazing access to leaders and news within the global world of Network TwentyOne. I’m always upbeat, slightly irreverent, I never cross-line and occasionally I have some interesting news and info.

So what exactly does n21guy need his own website for?

OK, so maybe “need” is too strong of a word… I “want” my own website.

You see, with all of the various methods I have assembled to spread my Network TwentyOne “sunshine” (Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, iTunes, N21-Cast, RSS, etc…), it was getting kind of fragmented and hard to keep track of what was where … each communication channel has it advantages and I’ll continue to use them but there is just something nice about have one place to go for all of these communication channels… a one stop shop if you will.

OK, I get it, but what is the purpose of all of this “sunshine” you feel the need to spread?

Good question. Basically my goal is simply to help connect the hundreds of thousands of Network TwentyOne affiliated business leaders around the world with upbeat and positive news, information and insights from the world of Network TwentyOne.When you think about it, Network TwentyOne was actually a pioneer in “social networking” over 20 years ago…  through a shared sense of community, objectives and values that Network TwentyOne has managed to create a business support organization that spans languages, cultures and generations. So take that Twitter and FaceBook!

I see you have comments to some of your blog posts, can I comment?

Feel free to comment to any blog post I have.. Many of you have some great information and news to pass on… but know that all posts must be approved and I only publish the one’s I like and feel others will benefit from. All part of my “Network TwentyOne sunshine” mission … my site, my rules.

Want to know more about the site?

Read my Website Launch Post below:

July 30, 2009

Whew!!! With everything going on the last few months … it was hard to spend time on this site but finally, here it is. Of course it is not perfect, more like a work in progress, but a good starting point to work from. There is a lot going on here so for those of you who are new to the party (those who have not been following me on Twitter or FaceBook) you may want to get a brief heads up as to what I’m all about here.

Some of the key components of this site are:

  • Ability to subscribe via email to all posts made here. These email will be limited to 1 per day and only sent on days when a new blog post is added here. To subscribe simply click here or on the “envelope” icon in the upper right of this page.
  • Links to the latest N21-Cast weekly podcast – These are free weekly interviews conducted by n21guy and special leadership guests from around the world.
  • n21guy’s Twitter Feed… Specifically designed for those who would like to see some of n21guy’s regular Tweets but have no idea what Twitter is or how to use it … ask someone under the age of 20 to explain Twitter to you if you don’t know what it is. I call this “all of the meat, none of the Tweet”.
  • Multi-Lingual – Sehr gut! muy bueno! molto buono! … n21guy.com is available in 36 languages! While not perfect, you should get the meaning of n21guy’s virtual sunshine through this translation plug-in. I like to think “most people will get most of the idea most of the time” with this translation … we’ll see.
  • Mobile enabled – simply visit m.n21guy.com with your mobile device to view most of the great content available in the standard desktop edition.

Like I said above, there is a lot here but this will continue to be a work in progress … thoughts or ideas on how to make this better? Let me know.

Peace out…


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