iReport: Poland WES October 19-21, 2018

Our autumn has been packed with amazing weekend seminars! It is incredible to witness these pin recognitions. I’m so proud 🙂 Thank you, Robert and Sonja, for sharing your wisdom with N21 Poland. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

“What an awesome WES we had in Poland October 19-21! Full of valuable knowledge conveyed by our passionate speakers Crowns from Indonesia Robert Angkasa and Sonja Agustina, full of emotions, full of conversations, full of confetti falling on two couples during two great recognitions: New Emerald and New Founders Diamond Monika and Marcin Maciejak, whose energy give great spirit to the whole Polish Market.

Robert Angkasa said that: don’t wish you had a better team, wish you were a better leader. If we all follow this advice everything will be possible and the N21 stage will be full of such great recognitions as we had at this convention.

We’re so grateful to our leaders, speakers and all attendees for making this WES so special. Whether you were able to come this time or not, we hope to see you back in Poland next year – or even sooner at one of our BBS’!”

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