iReport: Manila WLS October 20-21, 2018

What a weekend! Congratulations to all those recognized, especially new diamonds Jun and Merlene Samantila. And the launch of N21 Mobile?! I am so excited for you guys to start digging into N21 Mobile and I can’t wait for even more recognitions at the next WLS 🙂

” ‘If you have a dream, don’t quit!’ This was Triple Diamond Suphat’s takeaway message at the national Weekend Leadership Seminar held in Manila. As guest speaker, Suphat shared on the challenges he faced building the business, and why striving hard to succeed was so worth it. Attendees from across the Philippines were captivated by Suphat’s humor, wit, and his ability to cast a vision for an exciting future!

It was also another astonishing milestone for Network TwentyOne Philippines as they recognized new Silvers, Golds, Platinums, a Sapphire couple, and brand new Diamonds Jun and Merlene Samantila! While different speakers covered the N21 system & what sets apart the Amway business, the conference also witnessed the launch of N21 Mobile. Time was also set set aside to remember and share the life-changing legacy of Amway’s co-founder Rich DeVos.”

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