iReport: Go Silver 2018, Kiev, Ukraine

I guess there is such a thing as a perfect event 🙂 Thank you for the great iReport, N21 Ukraine. I am so fired up thinking about all that our ABOs learned and the fun they had! I can’t wait for the next one.

“New financial year has begun! What a great decision to celebrate its start at Go Silver seminar for the Leaders of ELC and above level, especially when you have such an inspiring guest speaker as David Dornan! 

It was a different event, since beside the working sessions there were many other fun activities. We launched the seminar with an exciting XS party, which included performance of LED theater, drum and barmen show, trivia and drawing with lots of prizes for the winners. So much drive! And it was just the beginning! Entertaining morning work-out on Saturday created the right atmosphere for active learning. And the Sunday morning Beauty Salon with presentation of Artistry Studio showed the secrets of make up for different occasions.

But, of course, Go Silver event is, first of all, about learning. It’s the right place to highlight the accomplishments for the past financial year and set the goals for the new one. Main messages of the Forum were active work with the new generation of millennials, launch of detox program together with Amway and Nutrilite to support your health and business, professional personal brand positioning in social media, and more. The new financial year was announced as a Year of Core. It was mentioned that Core means everyday consistent steps which we take to achieve the bigger, long-term goals.

David Dornan spoke about essential points and values of the N21 system: “One of the main keys of duplication is to remember that your partners will duplicate not what you are saying but what you doing”. He also underlined: “We create a safe place for people to move forward to their dreams. And we, as sponsors, are very important component of this process”.

Experience and knowledge of the second generation which they shared during one of the panel talks gave belief that the future of this business is safe.”


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