iReport: NALC September 14-16, 2018

I love weekend seminar season! I can always count on North America to be the first to kick off the autumn swing of events, and they started well! Enjoy this update and stay tuned for more coming soon 🙂

“We had an incredible North America Leadership Conference this month in Atlanta, GA. It was truly one for the books and we wish everyone could have experienced it! We started the weekend with a special meeting for those at the Leader’s Club & Above level with our guest speaker, diamond from Hungary, Katalin Lovas. That evening we kicked off our national convention with humor, remembrance, and celebration of Amway and Network 21. Diamond Jeff Applebaum was a perfect and hilarious MC the entire weekend. In our first session we heard from Ray Keller, Steve Jones, and Katalin. It was a powerful evening. 

Saturday morning was a packed session! We learned from Melody Farrell, Leo Cid, Clarke & Diana Broome, Cale Andrews, and Katalin once again. We filled an entire notebook with notes 🙂 In the afternoon we had a unique opportunity to serve with one of the organizations Network of Caring partners with. We assembled boxes of food that are distributed to children in need in the USA and abroad. Many of our leaders and IBOs participated and loved it!  We took all the energy from packing boxes and channeled it into our afternoon session where we started off with fun music to get us pumped. It was a remarkable evening celebrating new pin levels and achievements, hearing from Steve Woods, Nancy Dornan, and Bob Andrews. WOW. 

Our final session Sunday morning came way too quickly but left us full and ready to take on the next few months. That morning we learned from Skip Ross, Laurie Jones, Katalin Lovas, and David Dornan. We have our Vision set for the year and will be working hard until we Launch at our January weekend seminars!

Here are just a few of the many inspiring quotes from the weekend:

  • Comfort is overrated, we need purpose. – Nancy Dornan
  • The greatest failure we can have is living in constant fear that we will have a failure. – Skip Ross
  • You can’t sail on yesterday’s winds. – Steve Woods
  • What is between our ears decides our future. – Katalin Lovas

Please head to our Facebook @n21na or Instagram @network21na for more pictures from the event! And thank you to our guest speaker and all leaders on the N21 stage. We are grateful 🙂

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  • Magdalena Meiborg

    I can only imagine how much inspiration and fun that was! We had Katalin in Poland a few weeks ago and it was so fantastic! She’s genuine, full of inspiration fun and courage!
    Thank you for sharing your experience.


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