iReport: Kiev Weekend Seminar, Summer 2018

Austria, Italy, and Ukraine represented under one roof…N21 is truly a global family! And speaking of family, how cool is it to hear from two generations of business builders? Weekend seminars are my thing; no matter your country of origin, pin level, or age, we can all connect, grow, and move toward our goals 🙂

“Kiev. July 2018. Ukrainian WES. The sea of positivity, wisdom, emotions filling the hearts, courage and openness – such feedback we are getting from the participants of our summer event. And there’s a reason for these comments – our amazing team of speakers.

This time we had a great privilege to welcome in Kiev the whole family of Hans and Eva Nusshold. Both generations gave fantastic talks on the stage of the Sports Palace and made this event so special and exclusive.

Hans Nusshold reminded that happiness is our choice we make every day. We also learned that the current moment means much more than any other moments of your life, because of what you are going to do now and today determines your future and who you will be as a person tomorrow.

Our second guest speaker, Founders Emerald from Italy, Andrea Busato, shared his experience on how to combine a traditional job with this business and keep balance between family and business life.

The team of Ukrainian Leaders added that this venue is a place where you can get energy for your future goals and steps in this business. There’s no chance that you leave this hall with indifference after you have heard such unique stories and have seen such a stunning success.

We are confident that WES participants left the event having a clear plan for their future, with set priorities and determined values for their life and business, where the personal growth and education is a key to success.”

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