iReport: Weekend Seminar in Bucharest, Romania, June 15-17, 2018

This is the heartbeat of N21. Different countries, different leaders, all coming together to learn, grow, and set goals to reach their dreams. I look forward to iReports one day where these second generation IBOs recognized on stage are the diamond guest speakers! 🙂

“The joint Romanian and Bulgarian Weekend Seminar in June took place in Palace Hall in Bucharest and it was as amazing an experience as one would expect. Enthusiastic people from both countries came with open minds, ready to receive advice and insights from some of the most successful European Leaders.

Our special guests, Double Diamonds from Austria, Alois and Sissy-Petra Szuchar, got down to business (pun intended) in a trademark fashion of speaking to people as seasoned teachers. From the first Leaders Meeting on Friday, when Alois Szuchar shared his lessons on building a profitable and stable business, and throughout the WES, they took the stage as true professionals, sharing their invaluable expertise to an eager audience.

The Dream Session on Saturday evening was filled with precious knowledge. A Panel of local Diamonds and Founders Diamonds shared their thoughts on why this business is always up-to-date, and after that, Sissy-Petra Szuchar told her unique, yet relatable story about building the dream. But the true emotional peak of the evening was moment she asked the second generation of IBOs to join her on stage to be seen, appreciated and admired.

As all good things must come to an end, so came the Sunday morning session. Alois Szuchar gave everybody a final push and encouragement to make a decision and MOVE.

They say that every moment is a great moment to begin, and this summer WES will surely be looked back on as that kind of moment, as everybody left with a sense of empowerment and positivity.”

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