iReport: North America Summer Conference May 18-20, 2018

I’ve got my first iReport of the season! Enjoy this update from N21 North America. I’ll let you in on a little secret..I was at this event! Once again they didn’t invite me to speak on stage because apparently you guys want to hear from people like David and Jules Dornan 😉

“We had a truly incredible Summer Conference in sunny Southern California. The energy was amazing! We combined our usual two May weekend seminars into one powerful conference this year. Our guest speakers, Emeralds from Australia Drew and Sarina Laurence, were perfect for this event. Their wisdom, humor, and dedication shined through in every talk and left the audience writing notes as quickly as they could! This couple kicked off our weekend with a meeting for Leaders Club and above where our IBOs received updates and leader-only information. Jim Dornan always encouraged us to strive to be in the”smaller meetings” and we see why.

Our first general session was perfect with Aaron and Karen Shores, Jim Janz, Laurie Jones, and our guest speakers. The next morning we hit the teaching hard with a session full of 20-minute focused talks from our leaders on a variety of topics. In the evening we recognized our hard-working IBOs! Seeing new pin levels cross the stage is so special. It was a joy to see the dreams fulfilled of our guest speakers as they talked about their Dream List and all those they had crossed off the list. We also had the pleasure of being surprised with a new speaker! Emerald Craig DuBruyn from South Africa blessed us with his powerful story. Sunday morning came way too quickly but left us ready to reach our goals through the next weekend seminar with teaching from Mike Wilson, Clarke Broome, Steve Jones, and a final talk from Drew and Sarina. 

Every session was a beautiful blend of story, product, leadership, and motivation. We are ready to MOVE and can’t wait for North America Leadership Conference in September!

p.s. Head to our Facebook page @n21na to see all the pictures from this event!”

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