iReport: Russia Spring WES

Good thing there is a picture, otherwise I may not have believed Aleksey Mautanov is also a DJ! 🙂 Talk about an excellent WES swing….N21 Russia knows how to create an event filled with fun, teaching, and motivation. I can’t wait for the next!

“Could you imagine a fusion of raw information on business building techniques, surprising success stories and variegated entertainment bits? We can. Thought-provoking and intriguing speeches with detailed recipes for achieving goals from like-minded masters of the Amway business; intimate talks on one’s devotion to this business filled with sentimentality and warmth from Leaders who succeeded in connecting personally with each person in the audience; vivid and colorful shows from music bands and dancers contributed to this celebration of mindfulness, readiness to own one’s life, aspiration to launch dreams and make the most of one’s time, one’s business, one’s future. All these are an unmistakable signature of a Weekend with Network TwentyOne.

Could you imagine an inimitable blend of a wise and rational business owner with a fun and frantic DJ in one Leader? Again, we can 🙂 DJ FCA aka Founder Crown Ambassador Aleksey Mautanov gave an unique show that yanked the audience out of their seats at a disco dedicated to the new XS flavor. At the core of the presence of this incredibly surprising DJ was something irreplaceable.

This was what rendered the spring WES surge in Russia one of the best as it provided much-needed emotional refueling to IBOs all over the country.” 

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