iReport: India Conventions March 2018

It’s always amazing to me how many weekend seminars take place! Five conventions in one country…think of all the lives impacted by these events! And then think of all the years of events… my brain can’t handle it 😉

“The India Conventions in March 2018 were a treat to the ears and eyes. The inspiring talks by speakers like Peter Cox from Australia and Katalin Lovas from Hungary had everyone glued to their seats. What an amazing teaching from these world class leaders.

 The Conventions were held in various cities: Delhi, Bangalore, Raipur, Lucknow and Mumbai. The Indian Diamond speakers added their own flavor of knowledge, experience and excitement to the conventions. Amit Sondhi explained to keep moving with a motive whereas Dinesh Shingarpure wonderfully compared the Amway business with the game of Cricket. Rajan Warrier got the audience involved in singing and moving their feet. Oh what a program it was!

The new recognitions and achievement at the convention got the audience to set new goals for their business and commit to new levels for the coming convention in September.”

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