iReport: Bulgaria

No matter the country or the venue, you can count on Mike Wilson stepping off the stage to connect with the audience! Thank you to Mike and all the leaders for making this WES memorable, and to the brand new Emerald! Recognition is music to my ears 🙂

“Bulgaria welcomed the Weekend Seminar in March with high spirits and enthusiastic minds. With plenty of opportunities to learn, this WES promised to be a great one from the very start.

The first Leaders Meeting was opened with unmistakable energy by Diamond from Hungary Zoltan Helenyi with a very expressive demonstration about the importance of N21 principles. After such a strong start, our special guest speaker, Diamond from the USA Mike Wilson shared some of his vast wisdom after so many years in the business. The audience had a chance to feel deeply inspired by and connected to him, as he spoke while on the venue floor and looked into their eyes.

Saturday morning came with even more knowledge and inspiration during the second session. The panel interview was particularly dynamic, and it tackled the difficult subject of handling “no’s” while building the business, which led to an increase in courage and confidence on the attendees’ part.

As usual, the Dream Session provided much joy and emotion. Aside from Mike Wilson’s brilliant speech about how giving your heart will help you succeed, Aneta Stojchevska’s Emerald recognition was the perfect way to celebrate hard work, success and team playing – complete with cold fireworks and lots of green balloons!

On Sunday morning, local Founders Diamond Stefan Alexov gave an empowering speech about the strength of the team.

We are sure that, after this amazing event, everybody went home inspired, energized and ready to LAUNCH.”

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