iReport: WES Brasov, Romania – March, 2018

This sounds like the perfect WES! Romanian leaders, Mike Wilson, second generation, Zumba…this event had it all 🙂 This report is music to my ears!

“The spring Weekend Seminar in Brasov provided yet another great opportunity for learning and growth, both in the business and on a personal level. So many great speakers – the Romanian Diamonds and Founders Diamonds, and our very special guest, Diamond from the United States, Mike Wilson, took the stage (and the venue floor, respectively) sharing their invaluable wisdom with the audience.

The first Leaders Meeting on Friday was all about constructing strategies and the importance of setting priorities. At the evening session speakers shared stories, principles, and benefits of the business. Both the leaders and their teams had a lot to learn from our local Diamonds and, obviously, from Mike Wilson, whose calm demeanor and trademark charisma as he paced the main hall during his speech made everybody feel connected to him.

Knowledge just kept on coming during the second general session on Saturday morning, when important topics such as the Network 21 system and the building blocks of Leaders Club were addressed.

After kicking off the Dream Session with a dance number that got everybody clapping and cheering, the audience settled down to take notes from some delightful young IBOs who took part in a panel interview about building the dream as the next generation. Of course, Mike Wilson’s heartfelt speech filled everybody with inspiration and determination.

After a very bouncy wake up in the form of a zumba number, the final session was about the power of the team, the importance of building relationships and about the steps planned until the next WES in June.

The Weekend Seminar may have ended, but we are sure that the decisions made here will carry on. Exceptional speakers, valuable insights, important topics and lots of fun. Indeed, what more could you need to LAUNCH towards your dreams?”

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