iReport: Hellenic WES, February 2018

If you look at a global map there is so much going on in the N21 world! Today we’re looking at Greece. Small country, big impact 🙂 Let’s dive in to see what took place at their latest WES!

It was another unique and amazing N21 WES! I don’t know where to start first! Hellenic speakers from all over the country shared so much incredible and vital information! What a leadership we have; Petros Athanasiadis, Doxis Zarras & Athina Krikoni, Mary Tsantekidis, Eleni Annanida, Alkis Kolovos and Chris Kallinikos & Elena Haroni made everyone in the audience take so many notes and flood with so many feelings!

Right when you think you can’t get any more from the WES, Bob & Terry Andrews jump on the stage! WOW! They crushed it! What to say about leaders such as Bob & Terry? There was no one in this venue who didn’t connect with these huge leaders. Bob’s & Terry’s words went directly to each and every heart in this venue. After three days both of them made everybody answer “ME”  at the question “… one of all of you will do it, who will be?”

Bob & Terry shared so much, here is just one story:

Bob once attended a seminar with John Maxwell and Bob asked him a question: what is the secret to succeed? John Maxwell answered and said, “I will give you the secret in one sentence! You just need to find the secret. You need to do five things everyday.” Bob realized that he now knew the secret, he just needed to do 5 things! So he asked for those secret 5 things  that will lead him to success. John Maxwell told him again, “I told you the secret! Do 5 things every day.” Bob didn’t understand and then John Maxwell explained him that the secret in this sentence is not the 5 things! The EVERY DAY is the secret!

Later Bob told the five things to the Hellenic audience, while he was holding his axe, that we all have a tree we need to go down and it doesn’t matter how big the tree is. It only matters to give 5 strokes EVERY DAY! 5 strokes every day and this tree will go down and you will succeed in whatever you want!

So simple and so magical. Bob & Terry started a fire and this fire LAUNCHED the Hellenic market with such a strong pulse!”

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