iReport: North America East & West Coast Winter Conferences, January 2018

What a way to start the year! That’s how you Launch it 🙂 Thanks for the update N21 North America!

“We had back-to-back weekend seminars on opposite sides of the country! First up, from January 19-21, we were in sunny Southern California with guest speaker, diamond Ali Ghannadan. His enthusiasm, humility, and wisdom were evident in every talk. The weekend started with a message just for Leaders Club and above given by Ali. The main event started that evening with Dave Dornan, Mike Wilson, and Ali Ghannadan. Saturday was a full day with incredible teaching from Dave Dornan, Steve Jones, Clarke Broome, and wonderful inspiration from Bruce Kanegai, Ali Ghannadan, and the new pin levels and challenge qualifiers we celebrated. We closed our time in California Sunday morning with a fantastic speaker panel, Wade & Teri Simmons, and Ali Ghannadan. It was a perfect event and we are excited for all the Momentum coming out of it!

The next weekend we headed to Atlanta, Georgia where, even though it was not as sunny, the atmosphere was bright 😉 We learned from Kevin & Kirsten Sears, Mike Wilson and Jerry & Sharyn Webb our first evening. The next morning we learned practical tools from Dave Dornan, Stuart Menn, Aaron & Karen Shores, and Linda Moon. In the evening we were inspired once again by those recognized and the story of Don & Darlene Allen. We closed the weekend (which went by way too quickly!) with solid teaching from Brian & Marg Hays, Jules Dornan, and Andrew Mackay.

Whew! As you can see our January was something else. We are grateful to our speakers and IBOs for making it what it was. We look forward to MOVE at Summer Conference!”


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