iReport: WES in Kiev, November 17–19 and 24-26, 2017

I love to see second generation ABOs! How cool to learn from father and daughter together… can’t wait to see more teams like this on stage 🙂

“We held some of our most motivating, energetic and vibrant Weekend Seminars in a cozy atmosphere of a new venue helping us to feel comfortable and focused on importance of VISION. Every Speaker, including Special Guest Speakers Alois Szuchar, Founder Double Diamond from Austria, and his daughter Petra Szuchar, shared with us their insight in this business. We learned how and why it is necessary to rely on our upline. The very person having the clearest and most refined vision of this business and the understanding, which goals one needs to reach to make VISION a reality.

We would like to share some of the quotes from our Special Guest Speakers:
‘If you want to become a Champion, you need to get close to Champions. Take a step towards your Line of Sponsorship.’ -Alois Szuchar

‘Our attitude is our responsibility as Leaders, leading other people and influencing their lives.’ -Alois Szuchar

‘When leading a team, our responsibility is in serving our team.’ -Alois Szuchar

‘Leaders reduce stress level in their teams, providing stability in relationships. Leaders build up faith by means of their own integrity.’- Alois Szuchar

‘Think and ideas will emerge. Do try something again and again, keep on doing it and you will become successful!”’- Petra Szuchar

The XS party was extremely exciting! Special guest DJ FCA lit up the space and gave us a lot of good emotions! We wish these inspiring seminar feelings to stay with us for the months to come untill we have our WES’ in spring! We will see you there!”

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