iReport: WES Baltics,Tallinn, October 20-22, 2017

A brand new diamond and a first for Lithuania- amazing!!! Thanks for this encouraging and motivating iReport, N21 Baltics!

“Tallinn WES was all about vision and achievements that follow it. Our guest speaker, Executive Diamond from India, Amit Sondhi, was an amazing speaker. He inspired people to move from vision into action using fantastic sense of humor. Amit made clear that “your goal is not to just come to the next WES, but to achieve something until the next WES” and people thinking this way, we could see a lot on our stage at this WES.

All levels are important, you always start with 3%, although it is such a great inspiration to see the highest levels such as Emerald, Founder Emerald and finally Diamond. We had a great pleasure to recognize the first N21 Diamond in Lithuania: Daiva and Arturas Ziukai. This beautiful couple had a speech about the Core Person on Sunday morning and it was great to hear how they have started: “today, we would like to tell you how to be recognized as Diamond.”

So, Be Core and we would love to celebrate your achievements at the next WES in Riga in February 2018!”

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