iReport: WES Poland, October 20-22, 2017 and 25th Anniversary

So many diamond recognitions this fall! And a new one from a market that’s been around…you guys are amazing. Big congratulations to this couple on reaching diamond and to N21 Poland for faithfully serving our ABOs for 25 years!

“One of the oldest N21 and Amway markets in Europe is Poland. It has been 25 years since Jim and Nancy Dornan opened our Warsaw office. We are so thankful and proud of it. How much we appreciate, you can see, looking at a couple of our staff members who are with us since the beginning! 25 years… it seems like an old market, but not too old for new, beautiful, fun DIAMONDS! Yes, for the 25th anniversary we have received the best gift ever: Diamond level recognition of Marcin and Monika Maciejak.

It was such a great pleasure to see a young and enthusiastic couple achieving their dream level! Marcin and Monika ‘have attacked us with their positivity.’ This great celebration and Ray Keller, Diamond from the USA, as guest speaker made this WES just a perfect event. Ray Keller came back to basics, reminding us of values that all N21 leaders should not forget: to be a dreamer, to have a positive attitude and to remember that the best to can come is still waiting for us. Our Diamonds and above: Marek Bujwcki reminded us of our 25-year-old journey; Les Hetnal talked about the great possibility that comes from showing the Marketing Plan; and finally Darek Swiatkowski and Kasia Swiatkowska gave us some ideas for the future, how to lead a successful and healthy life.

So, this WES was full of memories but also a lot about the future and what a fantastic future we could see at the Blue Jeans Meeting.

N21 Poland would like to thank all Leaders who have built this market and who keep building this market! We are greatly looking forward to the next 25 years of Network TwentyOne!”

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