iReport: Emerald Forum & Go Diamond, October 5-8, 2017, Budapest, Hungary

While I love all N21 events, this one is very special to me. Seeing all these leaders in one place reminds me of the power of the system, of this business, and of having a dream. Thank you to all those who attended, taught, and are bringing even more with them to the next Emerald Forum and Go Diamond!

“Autumn brought not only a new season to the wonderful capital of Budapest, Hungary, but also the silvers and above leadership from 20 European countries to celebrate the new levels of success and to learn and have fun together.

This unforgettable leadership event started with the Diamond meeting…more than 100 Diamonds and above and more than 30 qualified Founder Emeralds in one room.

What an exceptional opportunity it was and always is to learn from Founder Diamonds David and Jules Dornan and Crown Ambassadors Hans and Eva Nusshold, among other outstanding leaders who shared their vision, wisdom, and knowledge. The Diamond meeting was followed by the Qualified Emerald and above meeting…just imagine an elegant venue with more than 280 qualified Emeralds and above. What a unique occasion it was to learn from the best of the best.

And then, the event all have been waiting for since 2014…Go Diamond Europe in the elegant Congress Center of Budapest  with over 1500 silvers and above! A venue filled with a sense of family, enthusiasm and a desire to learn and grow.

The speakers were remarkable, the recognition inspiring. We celebrated over 100 Platinum & Founder Platinum, 14 Emeralds, 5 Founder Emeralds, 2 Diamonds, 2 Founder Diamonds and 1 Double Diamond.

U35 and the second generation meetings gave fuel to the next generation of leadership who will provide new energy to the business in the upcoming years. Learning from David and Jules and Massimo Bini….what else is needed for young leaders to have momentum?

The event wasn’t just about learning and sharing experiences but we also enjoyed fabulous entertainment and everyone had fun. It truly was a once in a lifetime event in Budapest, Hungary.”

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