iReport: WES Bucharest, Romania October 20-22, 2017

Wow…Network 21 has been around for more than 25 years and we are still seeing new levels reached, innovation, and life-changing events! Just amazing. Congrats to everyone recognized, thank you to our speakers, and as the iReport says, “the future has never looked brighter!”

“The atmosphere was delightful both outside and inside Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest during the joint Romanian and Bulgarian Weekend Seminar in October, as the weather and collective mood were sunny all three days of this unforgettable event.

The first Leaders Meeting kicked off with the announcement of the N21 Mobile platform launch. The enthusiasm only grew as our very special guest, Founders Diamond from the USA David Dornan gave a spot-on speech about what people in the business need to GIVE in order to be true leaders. His connection to the people looking up to him (both literally and figuratively) serves as an example for something more than teaching – for mentorship. We also learned from the wisdom and experience of the “man with the VISION” himself, Crown Ambassador from Austria, Hans Nusshold. Spirits remained high on Saturday morning with David Dornan’s insights on the keys to success, and the panel of tomorrow’s young leaders and their VISION for the future.

The Dream Session was electric. We had recognitions for Apprentice Emerald and Founders Emerald. Hans Nusshold had a special guest himself: his youngest daughter, Nina Nusshold, who charmed everybody with her sincere and incredibly mature perspective on business and life. The highlight everybody was waiting for was the Founders Diamond recognition of our beloved Ildiko Gere. Emotions reached their peaks, tears and laughter bringing everybody together in celebration. The last session on Sunday morning was an opportunity for making decisions and setting goals for the next WES.

So that’s the October WES in Romania: 2 special guests, 2 countries, 2 generations, one VISION for a better life and a successful business. The future never looked brighter.”

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