iReport: North America Leadership Conference, September 8-10, 2017

North America hit it out of the park with this event! With so many truly amazing leaders in one room…why wasn’t I listed? 😉

” We had a memorable NALC thanks to our guest speakers, crowns Robert Angkasa and his wife Sonja Agustina! The weekend was jam-packed with amazing talks from our diamonds and above. We kicked Friday off with a meeting for Leaders Club and above. Robert delivered a special and detailed message to challenge our leaders. Our main event began at 8pm on Friday night with Jules Dornan leading the evening. We were captivated by Ray Keller’s story-telling, the powerful journey of Colombian diamonds Cesar Naranjo and Claudia Vecino, and the path to crown by Robert Angkasa.

The next day morning we were filled even more. We learned from Dave Dornan, Pete Matz, and Terry Andrews. Yes, all those incredible leaders in one session! Our evening session was inspiring. We enjoyed hearing about the dreams fulfilled of Robert and Sonja and Nancy Dornan, and the dreams on the way to being fulfilled by those who were recognized. We even got to celebrate new Platinums!

Sunday morning was the perfect end to the weekend and prepared us to go out with Vision for our business. Janos Demeter charged us to build it now, Steve and Laurie Jones taught us how to build the business as a couple, and Robert Angkasa closed NALC 2017 with practical takeaways.

We are fueled and ready to reach our goals set at this weekend, and to celebrate having reached them at our Winter Conferences in January! Head to our Facebook Page (@n21na) or Instagram (@network21na) for more pictures from the event.”

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