iReport: Ukraine WES July 2017

Wow, it has been an amazing summer! And these two Ukrainian WES were no exception. Thank you for the tweetable quotes in your iReport as well 🙂

“Development and growth are the essence of life and they both depend on our ability to move. We celebrated it at two very up-beat and vibrant events, held on consecutive Weekends in Kiev, Ukraine, in July.

A true hit for us was to welcome legends in the Amway business – Skip & Susan Ross, Crown ABOs from the USA. Their profound wisdom will remain in our hearts and drive us towards our dreams and goals, and keep our dreams alive. In addition we were happy to have great guest speakers from Russia – Founders Diamonds, Elena Nemtsova, and Konstantin & Olesia Zolochevskiye. By their own examples, they made it clear that the Amway business is the best option in today’s world for those who want to live an inspiring life. Some of the statements from our guest speakers:

‘We do not use people to build this business, we use this business to build people.’ – Skip & Susan Ross.

‘If you have a desire to dream then you definitely have strength to make your dreams come true.’ -Elena Nemtsova.

‘Better your dream changes your life, than your life changes your dream.’ – Konstantin & Olesia Zolochevskiye.

During the weekend seminars there were exciting special promo offers as well as Amway expos. This experience filled participants with colorful impressions, while speeches delivered from the stage provided necessary knowledge, motivation and momentum in building the Amway business.

We are keen and ready to move to our next goal and celebrate achievements at the next WES! Hope to see you there!”

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