iReport: Russia WES

WOW. What more is there to say about this event?! N21 Russia knows how to create an amazing and memorable experience. Can I add those giant books to my shelf when you’re done with them? I think they’ll make me look really smart 😉

“2 events, 4 guest speakers, more than 12,000 visitors – this is what Network 21 Russia in numbers is about this summer. Founders Diamonds David and Jules Dornan – guest speakers at the Moscow WES – rocked the world of Russian IBOs giving a unique perspective of this hugely famous business. The clear love that they have for the Amway business brings its own integrity. Founders Crown Ambassador Hans Nusshold – guest speaker at Yekaterinburg WES – wonderfully communicated exciting statements to the audience. Founders Platinum Elena Rudyk, next generation representative of the LOS of Taras and Irina Demkura – special guest at Yekaterinburg WES – showcased an exceptional, groundbreaking perception of this business a young and success-striving Leader can have. The summer events were boisterous in what they had to offer outside the main arena – an XS workout right under the caressing rays of the morning sun; an open-air disco by the river with hundreds of IBOs dancing to dynamic beats in front of a flashing, dazzling stage; a concert of a popular Russian star; a number of photo-zones, the variety of which perfectly showed the agility of the business and the educational system. Can one imagine being on the front page of a “Network 21 Highlights” journal? Can one fancy to write down his goals or dreams on the pages of the most famous book in the library of Network 21? Can one fantasize being a small reader among gigantic books published by N21? Can one become a celebrity on a red carpet by a N21-Amway press-wall? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Various themes photo ops at the summer events added to loud and brilliant excitement which truly blew the audience across the venues and crackled with electric energy.”

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