iReport: Turkey WES July 7-9, 2017 – Seminar For Growth!

This post fires me up! There is nothing I love more than an amazing weekend seminar. Or an incredible guest speaker. Or excitement to bring more people to the next WES. I can’t pick, let’s just say I love everything about this post 😉

“What a wonderful presentation we had at our summer WES in Istanbul on July 07-09. It was a new venue and this helped people to renew their attitude during the event. The success stories showed the audience that there are ABOs among them who are running for their goals and having great success. The teachings on two days built a great belief that the success is just next to them if they work in the system and build little steps. One of the Founders Diamonds promised to the audience to prove the success of this strategy until November WES, and the guest speaker Executive Diamond Amit Shondi showed them “buying the next WES ticket does not help growth, but buying one more for another person to bring to the next event does.”

One of the leaders chatted with his friend saying, “I wish I brought more people if I knew the event would be like that…”
Go and see your upline as soon as possible if you do not say “I wish…” in November!”

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